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We are a company originating from Finland, to be more exact from Northern parts of Finland, from the city of Oulu. Google for more information about Oulu if you wish but what is important in this context is that the city has a university with a long history in computer vision and machine learning. One could even say Oulu is the computer engineer’s city.

But as most of us know it is not only engineers that are needed in order to set up and grow business. So, from the early days we’ve had a strong preference for sales and customer support; one could say (again) that those were the cornerstones when we first started back in 2014 (we’re officially established in December 2014).

As the third item in this vague background list we want to emphasise that we have always tried to be as customer focused as possible. Yes, it is true that sometimes the customer does not know what is best for her/him but even in those cases we need to handle it with respect and gentle guidance. The absolute best part of being customer focused is that they will tell you what you need to build and nurture.

Where we are now

We are the market leader in our home market (Finland that is). It is a very price sensitive market so this has trained us for global scale. We’re still headquartered in Oulu but have offices in Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh City and Palo Alto.

We are one of the major player’s in the US floorplan market with a high potential to be the one player which revolutionises the whole real estate industry when it comes to use of floorplans and related data.


It has always been about the interior space understanding. Yes, there has been different flavours to it. But even from the day one we had the idea that there should be much more information being showed to end customer, we mean we did not (and still don’t) understand why is it that interior maps are not used in certain markets.

So we will continue on our path building the most scalable interior data understanding tech and it’s related products. To put the “most scalable” in other way, for us that means cost of capture/time/accuracy ratio.

How we work

i.e. what values we appreciate

We work in different locations globally, we appreciate the fact that you do not need to be at the office if you feel like spending your time in some other great place on earth. This freedom comes with responsibility and trust. We need to get things done and for sure there are times that one just needs to spend close to other colleagues.

We appreciate everyone’s work efforts. It does not matter what role you are playing, you are needed in this race. In this race it is a competition what makes us tick so we need to try to be better, if not everyday but overall.

Everyone has only one life to spend so what we do on a daily basis needs to be fulfilling someway; we mean, it is your life after all. We are not the ones to say what is meaningful to each individual, just that it is important to have that something.

Last, wear sunscreen.

Meet our founders

Harri Pesola
Harri Pesola
Jarmo Lumpus
Jarmo Lumpus