The problem

The world of interior property data, information, and insight is fragmented and broken.  

Floor plans, blueprints, layout drawings and sketches, interior property data are often incompatible or are of poor quality for today’s digital marketplaces and the consumers that visit. New floor plan and 3D models have been inefficient and expensive to produce.

Research shows that: 

Property buyers consider floor plans as the 3rd most valuable website feature behind photographs and property details,


The majority of listings do not offer a functional floor plan of any type.

Consumer demand is not being filled. 


The CubiCasa solution

Our proprietary, AI driven platform converts almost any existing floor plan/layout source and format type into professional quality, web optimized 2D floor plans and 3D models for substantially less cost and time.

Benefits and Use Cases:

  • Improve property search experience, reduce decision-making process.
  • Simple to use and cost effective
  • Improve the accuracy of Building Intelligence Models, and other automated property valuation models.
  • Rescue services save precious time when navigating a property in case of an emergency.
  • Home services, interior design providers may deliver increasingly accurate estimates in less time.
  • Compatible with AR/VR services.

All CubiCasa data is compatible with RESO Data Dictionary.

About us

CubiCasa is a real estate technology, data, and marketing company specialized in digital indoor spaces. We provide high-quality property visualizations, such as floor plans and Virtual Flythrough 3D tours for real estate agents, brokers, realtors, property managers, real estate developers, photographers, space planners, software developers & other professionals all around the world – the current count is 45 countries. At the moment we are focused on residential sector and apartments.

Our AI & computer vision & machine learning solution includes a collection of APIs for e.g.

  • more accurate property search features,
  • more accurate search results,
  • more detailed property analytics.

Wrapping all up: we offer high-quality, affordable products and services, with a remarkable next business day turnaround time.



This is actually the second version of CubiCasa. The first one was founded in the early 2000s, providing 3D visualizations and rendering for new constructions and developments. Unfortunately, the housing & financial crisis hit us too, so the company was put on hold for years.

The new start was in 2014, with a new focus on floor plans and virtual staging. Pretty soon we dropped the latter part out, adding data analytics, AI and other new technologies onboard. Since then, we have experienced steady growth in the number of deliveries, revenue, employees – better results for our beloved clients.


General information

  • Founded in 2014, Oulu, Finland
  • Locations: Oulu, Helsinki (FIN); New York City, Palo Alto (USA)
  • Normalized data: over 11 million sq.m. / 125 million sq.ft. (June 2017)



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