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CubiCasa cares about Home Health – Charity & Philanthropy

Not only is CubiCasa a software company with a revolutionary app to create floor plans in a snap, but we also care about our community and giving back.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dee Johnson, our Director of Customer Happiness, who volunteers for Pathways Home Health and Hospice of Sunnyvale. She makes eye pillows for their patients.

Some great ways in which eye pillows can be quite effective. They can be:

  • Heated or cooled
  • Used during sleep
  • Relieve tension, pain and puffy eyes as well

Their natural scent of lavender aromatherapy helps reduce the level of anxiety:

  • Great for stress relief and meditation
  • Can generate a sense of calmness and restfulness for the patient

Pathways clinicians and patients love the eye pillows!

“I love giving back to the community by donating my time doing something that I love. Life is short and, for me, giving is great therapy!”.

Dee Johnson

Dee has been a volunteer for Pathways for four years and has been instrumental in procuring large donations. She is an avid proponent of volunteering and has been involved in her entire adult life.

Pathways volunteers are a valuable part of the care at the agency. Their dedication to providing compassionate companionship to their patients is one of their main goals. There are various support services such as Patient/Family, Vigil and Office, fundraising and Special Projects in which volunteers are able to contribute their time and skills.

Learn more about Pathways and its volunteer program.

CubiCasa hopes to expand our community outreach program by finding other ways to give back, whether in our headquarters in San Jose, California, our home base in Oulu, Finland or in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Meet our team from each part of the world:

Author: Anastasia Corjan

Anastasia is a digital marketing strategist who is passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies. Enthusiastic technology evangelist that loves working within the real estate and PropTech industry.

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