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912 living is a real estate company located in the heart of Hinesville, Georgia. The company aims to help its clients with either buying or selling a house in one of the areas, namely Hinesville, Ft. Stewart, Ludowici, or Midway. Since its establishment, 912 Living has prioritized building trust and valuable long-term relationships in business. They work every day to ensure that every client works with a professional who listens, provides expert advice, and works tirelessly to help homebuyers achieve their real estate goals. 912 Living relies on CubiCasa to ease the relocation process by providing free floor plans with accurate measurements to their buyers.

Meet our customer

Get to know Jessica Victoria, with over 8 years of experience, she’s a licensed REALTOR®, broker, and owner of 912 living in both Georgia and Alabama. Learn from her success story. Jessica Victoria profile picture

From Germany to a successful real estate business in the US

From Germany to the US, meet Jessica Victoria, the immigrant turned successful property mogul. In 2013, she began her journey in property management and quickly climbed the ranks to earn her real estate license. Today, as the founder of 912 living, she leads a team of 5 agents and manages a portfolio of 120 properties.

We asked what Jessica’s goals are for this year of 2023.  

I successfully grew my company from zero to five agents, despite being unlicensed, and overcame growing difficulties in the process. In just one year, we experienced significant growth. Now, we are focusing on being as efficient as possible and adopting a “work smarter, not harder” philosophy” – Jessica Victoria Jessica Victoria profile picture


Real estate market conditions in Georgia

As 2023 begins, real estate industry experts are aware of the challenging market conditions, including high mortgage rates, high inflation, and limited housing inventory. Housing market conditions can change rapidly, that’s why acting cautiously and having a well-planned strategy is recommended.

How was Jessica’s business affected? The impact is a slight decline as buyers are opting for less expensive houses. According to Jessica, the average home price in her area has risen from $180,000 in 2018 to $220,000 in 2020.

In our real estate business, we have observed that properties in the 200k market are still in high demand, as people need a place to live, especially in military towns. The market remains strong, though it may be shifting slightly.
– Jessica Victoria Jessica Victoria profile picture

Discovering CubiCasa

Stay ahead in the digital age! Embracing technology is essential for staying competitive, profitable and ahead of the game. One day, one of the real estate agents that works for Jessica was responsible for some projects for Clear Capital. The process included an app that allows them to scan floor plans in place of measuring methods.

Jessica discovered CubiCasa, a technological solution for the real estate industry, and was impressed by its ability to create floor plans quickly and accurately. Testing it out for herself, she found not only was it quick and accurate, but also saved her time, money, and effort.

Getting the floor plan was super impressive. I mean, you walk through the house at the same time you are scanning for about 3 minutes, and you are wondering if it’s really going to work out? Is it going to be accurate? I can say that I received the floor plan and I was like WOW. Recently, I had a cluttered house, closets completely full and turned out awesome!” – Jessica Victoria Jessica Victoria profile picture

Adding floor plans helped attract remote buyers

Companies spend a fortune to attract and, more difficult, retain profitable clients. In the end of the day, happy clients are the best advertising method for every business. Jessica knows this as she constantly strives to improve the customer experience and exceed expectations. Her philosophy: happy clients equal repeat business and more revenue.

Jessica is changing the game for remote homebuyers. With her focus on helping clients relocate to new areas, Jessica provides detailed floor plans with accurate measurements to complement the photos of the homes she’s selling. This unique approach alleviates the anxiety that often comes with homebuying from a distance and allows clients to focus on finding a home they truly love.

Most of the time, my clients leave everything behind, for example in California and they need to move across the country to Georgia. They know nothing and feel stressed and anxious with the relocation process. I recommend everyone to try CubiCasa, it’s free, only takes you three minutes of your time and it can help your clients’ process tremendously better and easier.” – Jessica Victoria Jessica Victoria profile picture

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