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Glen Mitchell Group is a full-service real estate and property management company selling and leasing properties in Half Moon Bay Area, and the greater San Francisco Bay area. 

They aim to help homeowners take the load off rental property ownership — from finding the right tenants to maintenance chores — while maximizing profitability. The team also works tirelessly to make the home searching process in the Bay area as easy as possible.

Meet our customer

We spoke to Glen Mitchell, Owner and Real Estate Broker, to learn more about his experience with CubiCasa. Here’s what he has to say. 


Using floor plans even before it was the thing to do

Glen has been selling and managing properties for over 20 years since obtaining his license in 2002. But his portfolio expanded when he stumbled upon the world of photography. 

From sports photography to real estate photography, his newfound hobby quickly became an added value to his business when he began taking photos of the properties he was managing. Glen went on to add 360° photos and aerial shots where it was appropriate to help boost the sales of his listings — a rare combination in the sphere of property management. 

When Glen discovered CubiCasa several years ago, he started adding floor plans to his rental listings. He also used photo pinpoints on the floor plans to help clients get a view of the room when they click on it.  

The result? 

“It was huge to be able to show people the layout. We get a lot of compliments, especially the ones that are out of the area, about just how convenient it was. If they’re looking for homes, they want to see all that stuff online, and they’ll want to rent something that appears to look nicer.” – Glen Mitchell

Scanning with CubiCasa is faster and cheaper than coordinating with a freelancer

Before using CubiCasa, Glen would outsource floor plan creation for some of his listings. It was a costly and time-consuming process from start to finish. As a result, floor plans were only reserved for higher-end properties. 

When CubiCasa came into the picture, it became a game-changer. 

“One of my pros with CubiCasa is that it’s so easy and quick to use. It doesn’t take much time. I can do it faster with CubiCasa than if I were to coordinate with someone else to meet them at the property. For example, if I can’t do it now, I can always come back and do it very quickly [with CubiCasa] and get it done. It makes my life a little bit easier.” – Glen Mitchell

With CubiCasa being a cost-savvy option in his tech stack, Glen now has the ability to create floor plans for each of his listings — no matter the size of the property and without driving his costs through the roof. 

Simplicity is all you need

Having the ability to add a floor plan to the mix gave Glen and his team the ideal leverage in the market. His clients and prospects were happy with what he offered — information in a glance. 

When asked what drew him to CubiCasa, his answer was: its simplicity.

“It’s a simple floor plan and that’s all it should be. They are easy to read, they look nice, and they’re just exactly what I need. It’s not confusing at all.” – Glen Mitchell

Glen added that not having floor plans alongside listings in this day and age is a big no-no for clients. 

On keeping processes in control and adapting to changes

With technology being a cornerstone of his business, Glen and his team remained at the forefront of adapting to drastic changes that were going on in the industry. 

When the pandemic and restrictions around it hit in 2020, they found themselves being in a position of being able to adapt to the new normal without hassle. 

“We had started using floor plans even before the pandemic. Because we were already using CubiCasa, we didn’t have to search for new fixes. We just had to let people know that we had these options and that we could show them the stuff online. We were ready to go.” – Glen Mitchell

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"While in most programs you have to scan each room, click at each wall, add doors, windows and openings, etc. I love that CubiCasa does all of that for you in one single scan!"

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"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

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"I have not found an app that comes anywhere near CubiCasa. The clear advantage is ease of use and fast accurate results."

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