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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, D. J. Stavropoulos helps his clients make the best decisions to achieve their goals of buying, selling, or investing in real estate. 

He firmly believes that every individual’s home-buying or selling journey should be exceptional. D. J.’s ultimate goal is to deliver a smooth and hassle-free experience by understanding what’s important to his clients and ensuring he works with their best interests in mind. 

Meet our customer

As a tech-forward real estate consultant, D. J. embraces new technology essential to help him deliver on his promise. We caught up with D. J. to learn more about his experience with CubiCasa, and here’s what he had to say:


Opt for floor plans over measuring tapes

According to D. J., in the past, some of his buyers have brought their measuring tape during a viewing to measure the rooms to see if their furniture can fit into. In truth, a floor plan would have been sufficient to provide all the necessary information. 

However, not all buyers will ask for a floor plan during the home search process. It is primarily due to them not knowing that access to floor plans could be an option to help them visualize the layout of a property because most listings don’t have them. 

“I don’t see floor plans on most listings. 3D walkthroughs are fine, but I sometimes think they’re too complicated. A floor plan is a better thing to do before you go to the 3D route because it’s pretty simple to understand, and it shows the rooms, dimensions, and how they’re connected”D. J. Stavropoulos

Generating floor plans doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in your profits

D. J. believes that floor plans complement real estate photos beautifully. 

“The problem is, no matter how many pictures you take and how you put them in order, people cannot see the layout in their brains without floor plans. Floor plans make it crystal clear.” – D. J. Stavropoulos

One of D. J.’s priorities in delivering better customer experiences is to use more floor plans in his listings. Once upon a time, the added cost of approximately USD 500 for producing each floor plan made it prohibitive. 

As a result, D. J. would only add a floor plan under two circumstances: 

  1. By request, which was rare
  2. To showcase a complicated property 

However, with tools like CubiCasa, the cost is no longer an obstacle. 

CubiCasa is so easy to use that you can do it without any training

D. J. came to learn of CubiCasa through our partnership with Georgia MLS. The next thing he knew, he was running around the house with the mobile app and was surprised by the results: 

“You had some training videos, but I didn’t watch those. I just went around and started scanning. I went from room to room in no particular order, and I wondered how it would connect them. I was astounded at how accurate it was!” – D. J. Stavropoulos

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Compress hours of fieldwork into a 5-minute scanning process. All you need is your mobile phone and the CubiCasa app!📱

"While in most programs you have to scan each room, click at each wall, add doors, windows and openings, etc. I love that CubiCasa does all of that for you in one single scan!"

cubicasa app review by Dan, Dan O'Brien Media Dan, Dan O'Brien Media

"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

cubicasa app review by Adam, HomeVisit Adam, HomeVisit

"I have not found an app that comes anywhere near CubiCasa. The clear advantage is ease of use and fast accurate results."

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