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Stevens Realty is a property management company offering high-quality rental properties across middle Tennessee and Lawton, Oklahoma since 1989. With approximately 2000 properties under its belt, Stevens Realty continuously strives to deliver top-notch customer service to owners and residents using innovative systems and processes in their operations.

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To learn more about their experience with CubiCasa, we spoke to:

Elliot Rodriguez, Operations Manager

Jerome Celera, Listing Coordinator

Chennie Mae, Virtual Assistant


Floor plans provide a better perspective of a property’s layout

As the Listing Coordinator at Stevens Realty, Jerome is responsible for listing available properties online to make them available to prospects through various platforms. Part of the process includes ensuring that floor plans were included in the listings. 

Having floor plans with dimensions help the team cater better to their prospects, especially the ones from out of state or are not able to view a property in-person. 

We get a lot of questions about square footage. Prospects want to know if their appliances or furniture can fit in the new place — for example, can it fit this kind of dryer, or does my couch fit in this area? Having floor plans on the listings helps us in such a way that prospects don’t have to call us for dimensions. The information is already there.”Jerome Celera


Using floor plans for property inspections from afar

Chennie, who works as a Virtual Assistant, assigns final inspections to inspectors for Steven Realty’s properties using CubiCasa’s floor plans. 

Based in the Philippines, Chennie relies on inspectors on the ground in Tennessee and Oklahoma to obtain floor plans and complete their inspections. 

When asked about the ease of use, here’s what she has to say:

I don’t have any issues on my end, and I’ve not had any complaints from the inspectors if they’re having a hard time with CubiCasa.”Chennie Mae

Injecting innovation and diversifying services

Having been in business for over 30 years, the team at Stevens Realty is on a constant lookout for innovative systems and processes to keep up with the evolution of the market and to ensure happy customers. 

With their customers best interest at heart—whether it’s helping owners find the right tenants or assisting tenants in finding their new home—they’re not one to shy away from adding new technology to their operations.

On how CubiCasa came into the picture:

“One of my property managers came across it, and we decided to give it a try. We’re always on the lookout for new technology or services to offer our clients and help them get their properties rented out quicker.”
Elliot Rodriguez

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