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Get To Know Featured Photographer Jeff White, Tiger Paw Drones

There are exciting things happening for our photographer community right now, with CubiCasa signing promotional agreements with many MLS’s across the country. These agreements will help us reach our goal of having a floor plan on every real estate listing. And as floor plan adoption grows, we hope to help our photographers by encouraging Realtors to connect with our community for both floor plans and real estate photography.

Meet our customer

In talking with photographers who service members of Georgia MLS (GAMLS) I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeff White of TigerPaw Drones in Canton, GA. Jeff and I discussed the aspects of our new Preferred Photographer Program, and more! Let’s catch up with Jeff here!


Building a Successful Family Business

Tammy: Hi Jeff, thank you so much for taking time for us! First thing, will you please tell us a little about how you got started in real estate photography, and about your real estate photography business? 

Jeff: I was in IT consulting for a number of years and was looking for something not so tied to corporate America. In my search I came across and joined the Sky Eye Network, which is the largest network of commercial drone entrepreneurs in the world. We started off doing real estate photography. Our business has grown into other areas like construction progression and mapping & video production, but our main revenue stream is real estate photography. Two of my daughters work with me part-time, helping with photo editing, scheduling shoots and keeping our social media updated to name a few.



A New Opportunity: The CubiCasa Preferred Photographer Program

Tammy: It was great getting to chat with you about the real estate market, and the new photographer program that we are creating to help connect our photographers and Realtors through our MLS partnerships. I am so happy you’ve decided to participate, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Some photographers might be undecided about including a floor plan on every shoot, can you explain why you were comfortable committing to this change?

Jeff: For us it was a no-brainer. We were already providing floor plans as an option when you and I met, so we just restructured our products a little to do it. Floor plans are so beneficial for people shopping online for houses prior to actually getting in the car and going to see them in person. Not only do they benefit the buyers, but they also help realtors provide more valuable data for those buyers. In many cases, this can set a realtor apart from their competition in a way that allows them to get more listings because they’re offering their clients more. We think floor plans should be part of every listing.

Discovering CubiCasa and More Helpful Resources for Photographers

Tammy: How did you find CubiCasa, and how has it been beneficial to your business so far?

Jeff: I found CubiCasa through another real estate photographer who does instructional and tip videos on YouTube. His name is Mike Burke from Inside Real Estate Photography.

Tammy: Do you have any resources or words of wisdom you’d like to share with fellow photographers, books or other sources of inspiration?

Jeff: The Sky Eye Network immediately comes to mind. I’ve said it many times since I started doing RE photography… if it weren’t for that network, I would have never started at all. And that’s a literal statement. For us, that’s the one single factor that has had the biggest impact. It is a great resource for any question(s). You do have to join, but it is an invaluable resource. There’s always somebody who has already done what you’re trying to figure out, and everybody is super helpful in sharing ideas and answering questions. In addition to that, a couple of guys from YouTube come to mind right away… Mike Burke and Nathan Cool. Both of these guys have helped me a good bit. They explain things in a way that’s easy for me to follow and understand. They’re also both pretty “get to the point” kind of guys which I like. Also, there’s a little book on Amazon written by a friend of mine, Pablo Terreros, who I met through The Sky Eye Network. It is fantastic for anybody just getting started in RE photography.

Where Can Our Photographer Find You?

Tammy: If others would like to reach out or follow you, where can they find you?

Jeff: Our real estate website is TigerPaw Photo ( Facebook ( and Instagram (@tigerpawdrones) are our main two socials. We’re in the process of ramping up our YouTube presence more so watch for us there too.

Tammy: Thank you so much for sharing all this with us Jeff. We’re excited to hear your feedback about the Preferred Photographer Program, please keep us posted on new developments!

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