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CubiCasa Acquires Virtual Design Rendering

— Oulu / Helsinki, Finland; September 10th, 2018 —

CubiCasa Oy, a pioneering company in real estate technology, has acquired the majority of Virtual Design Rendering Oy (“Virtual Design”).

The acquisition enables combining the strategic strengths of the two companies: visualizations and technology. The primary goal is to establish a strong position in the domestic market, in response to accelerating the change in homebuyers’ behavior. For instance, when looking for a new home, most begin their research online. Therefore, the visual elements in a property listing are crucially important.

CubiCasa invests into technology

Virtual Design is an established player in the marketplace, especially in the Helsinki area. The company provides property floor plans, photography, and 3D rendering, among others. CubiCasa has made great investments in their proprietary technology, including e.g. artificial intelligence and computer vision.

“The acquisition helps us to improve our commercial and R&D related capabilities. In the domestic market, the two brands are widely recognized and appreciated in the industry”, says Mr. Harri Pesola, CubiCasa CEO. “Meanwhile, CubiCasa is able to boost its expansion towards the global market: a scalable service to scan and process real estate data for different uses in various formats”, closes Mr. Pesola.

“We see the acquisition as very positive for us and our customers. Our visualizations combined with the CubiCasa technology is a strong competitive asset”, says Mr. Jarkko Liimatainen, Virtual Design founder.

The details of the acquisition are not disclosed. The brands of both CubiCasa and Virtual Design continue to coexist separately.

More information:

Harri Pesola

CEO, CubiCasa Oy

+358 50 917 1125,


Jarkko Liimatainen

Founder, Virtual Design Rendering Oy

+358 50 366 5224,


CubiCasa Oy is founded in Oulu, Finland, 2014. Known for its innovative technology. The company is involved in e.g. Moderne Ventures Passport accelerator program, and KiraDigi; the flagship project of the Finnish Government.

Virtual Design Rendering Oy is founded in Helsinki, Finland, 2006. The company offers a broad scale of property indoor and outdoor visualizations for real estate agents, brokers, and developers.

Author: Aarne Huttunen

Aarne is a growth-oriented full-stack developer and marketer, and has 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. He believes that there's still a lot to be done in the world of real estate and the industry changing trends are yet to be emerged.

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