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Infographic: Interesting figures of Manhattan apartments from nearly 1000 floor plans

What is interesting about an apartment, besides square meters, price, or neighbors’ characteristics? Have you ever asked questions such as:

  • How many windows there are in an average house in your living region?
  • Between sliding doors and swing doors, which one was preferred?
  • Do most of the doors open to the left, or right?
  • Are there more bathrooms than bedrooms in an average apartment?

In CubiCasa we asked such questions. That’s where this infographic came from.

The data in this infographic was obtained from a dataset of 985 apartments’ floorplans in 8 zip code regions in Manhattan. These zip code locations belong to Lower East Side (10003, 10009), Greenwich Village and Soho (10012, 10014), Gramercy Park and Murray Hill (10010, 10016), and Chelsea and Clinton (10001, 10011).

This content concerns the apartments’ structure (e.g the proportion of different rooms in a house on average), the appearance frequency of special features that relate to a house such as fireplaces, jacuzzis, and so on. Also, you can find some comparisons among the neighborhoods.

Together with this infographic, the Manhattan dataset file is available to access via this Google Sheet link.


Key Takeaways


  • On average, there was 1 terrace in every 8 apartments.
  • Swing doors (70.1%) were more popular than sliding doors (29.9%).
  • Apartments in the area zip code 10009 (in Lower East Side) had the lowest average of windows (4.8 windows per house).


new york manhattan neighborhoods apartments data infographic


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