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Recapping Base and Plus Floor Plan Launch: CubiCasa updates its product and pricing

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Here’s one thing about CubiCasa: we keep moving forward. Some of our customers needed more customized features, others a more simplified product offering, and finally, faster delivery times. That’s why in April 2022 we updated our product and pricing launching Base and Plus Floor Plan. Now, our beloved customers had time to try out the new features and provide their valuable feedback, so we believe it’s finally time for a good recap!

Ever since the start of its business in 2014 and the launch of its scanning solution in 2019, CubiCasa has continued to evolve and update its property data collection technology, making it possible to produce digital floor plans and generate floor dimensions within minutes. But floor plans have different uses, and serving a more and more diverse customer base with just one product option can be challenging. That is why we decided to update our offerings and introduce an expedited delivery for all customers worldwide. We tailored our product to offer the best floor plan solution and digital GLA for appraisals and real estate marketing. Let’s keep it short and get right to it. Without further ado, let’s go through the new “Base Floor Plan” and “Plus Floor Plan” options to see which one could suit you best.

CubiCasa “Base Floor Plan” Option

Functional value is the watchword. The new “Base Floor Plan” option priced at $22.99 / scan includes a black&white listing floor plan that shows the flow of the property and an ANSI-aligned GLA floor plan.

What do we mean by “GLA floor plan”? As a valuable byproduct of your floor plan scan, you will get a digitally calculated gross living area. We will provide a floor plan with a unique layout that highlights the included and excluded areas and total area calculations by floor. Be aware that along with your listing and GLA floor plan we’ll provide a PDF document that displays the GLA floor plan and area calculation in text format, to demonstrate how each area was calculated. You can then import the PDF directly to your favorite appraisal report tool. Both the floor plans and the GLA pdf document ordered with Base Floor Plan will be CubiCasa branded (will have CubiCasa watermark).

Here is an example of both listing floor plan and GLA floor plan, and the GLA PDF including area calculation for Base Floor Plan orders:

Cubicasa floor plan for desktop appraisals
With “Base Floor Plan” you will get an ANSI-aligned GLA floor plan and a B&W listing floor plan. We recommend “Base Floor Plan” for appraisals.

What do the colors in the GLA floor plan mean? Different colors are used to highlight which area was included/excluded from the Gross Living Area calculation. Green rooms are included, and red rooms are not included. In addition, we use yellow for finished areas below grade. They are still calculated as excluded from the GLA, however, the yellow color is just to make it easier to identify them.

Report with floor plan and gross living area calculation
Now included on all orders: PDF document with GLA floor plan and area calculation. (example of GLA PDF on a Base Floor Plan order)

As mentioned above, our GLA floor plans are ANSI-aligned. That means our App is set up to comply with a specific measuring standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI, Z765-2021). This includes an alignment to detailed ANSI requirements surrounding above and below-grade areas, staircases, unfinished spaces, and much more. You can find more details about the GLA here.

What does CubiCasa “Base Floor Plan” option include?

  • Black and white floor plan (cannot change the colors);
  • Interior walls;
  • Exterior ingress/egress;
  • Exterior measurements;
  • Labels for each room;
  • Staircases, windows, door openings, closet openings, and fireplaces;
  • Multi-frame windows displayed as one big window;
  • CubiCasa watermark (on floor plans and GLA PDF report).

In addition, you will be able to select the following items:

  • Unit (Imperial or metric);
  • Display total area: GIA / GLA / None;
  • Customize your disclaimer (e.g. “Sizes and Dimension are approximate, actual may vary”);
  • Language;
  • Version with and without dimensions. 

Finally, Base Floor Plan does NOT include:

  • Columns;
  • Compass;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Door swing angle and direction 
  • Fixed furniture. 

CubiCasa “Plus Floor Plan” Option 

Need more customization? We’ve got you covered. With the “Plus Floor Plan” option priced at $29.99 / scan, you will get a custom listing floor plan that shows the flow of the property, and an ANSI-aligned GLA floor plan.

With Plus Floor Plan orders you can have floor plans richer in detail, with all fixed furniture included and more. Unlike in Base Floor Plan orders, you can add your logo to Plus floor plans or get them white labeled. In addition, as in Base, we’ll provide a PDF document (GLA PDF) that displays the GLA floor plan and area calculation. However, with Plus Floor Plan you will get them white-labeled (but not add your own logo).

To sum up, what does CubiCasa “Plus Floor Plan” orders include? With Plus you will get everything already included in Base Floor Plan, and

  • Option to include fixed furniture;
  • Option to add your own logo or get a white-labeled floor plan;
  • White-labeled GLA PDF Report; 
  • Custom floor plan styles;
  • Door swing angle and direction;
  • Additional door models available (e.g Sliding doors)
  • Choose resolution;
  • Measurement arrow (you can decide if you prefer to show or hide it). 
  • Include compass; 
  • Include columns;
  • Include swimming pools;
  • Break down multi-frame windows (not displayed as one big window like in Base Floor Plan). 

Here is an example of floor plans (GLA and listing) from a Plus Floor Plan order:

Customized floor plans for listings
With “Plus Floor Plan” you will get an ANSI-aligned GLA floor plan and a customizable listing floor plan. Plus Floor Plans are richer in detail and recommended for real estate marketing

As mentioned above, Plus Floor Plan orders allow more customization options. You can add your own logo and customize your floor plan layout with different color themes.

CubiCasa available Floor Plan Themes
Make your listing stand out with more customization: Select among our predefined themes or create your own.

You can select the template from a drop-down menu or create your own. Each theme has predefined color values, which you can tailor to match your own brand.

What Makes CubiCasa “Base Floor Plan” the Best Floor Plan Solution for Appraisals? 

We recommend Base Floor plan for those who need a cost-effective, simplified floor plan solution that includes interior walls and exterior dimensions, and provides a standardized, ANSI-aligned Gross Living Area.

That is why Base Floor Plan makes the best floor plan and digital GLA solution for appraisals. CubiCasa is already used by leading Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) in the US for hybrid and desktop appraisals as well as by individual appraisers for traditional assignments.

Technologies like CubiCasa can make the appraiser’s life easier and speed up the process. Why not save lots of time with measuring and sketching in the field and off-site by letting AI and computer vision software do the heavy lifting for you?

As a consequence, site inspections will be completed faster and the appraiser will focus on more high-level functions like market analysis and value conclusion.

Let’s go through two practical examples to understand more about the potential benefit of introducing the CubiCasa floor plan app into your workflow.

Obtain Gross Living Area for Large and Complex Properties with CubiCasa

Complex property example and relative Gross Living Area floor plan
CubiCasa solution will help you scan a complex property and get measurements for interior space in a hassle-free process.

Sketching a floor plan and obtaining Gross Living Area and sq footage information can be challenging, especially if we consider large and complex properties, such as architecturally designed houses. For this kind of property, manual measuring and sketching a floor plan on paper or with a conventional floor plan software can be time-consuming and more prone to errors.

The advanced technology of CubiCasa simplifies the data collection process on those properties and reduces uncertainty and delay as all parties wait for the appraisal. In addition, you will not need to worry about the weather either since you can scan the entire property from the inside.

Read the experience of David Schiffmayer, owner of Evergreen Appraisal with CubiCasa on a complex, S-shaped property.

CubiCasa provides a solution for Desktop and Hybrid Appraisals 

The way home appraisals and valuation services are conducted and the role of the appraiser itself is changing. For instance, we are seeing the industry adopting and adapting to hybrid and desktop appraisals. In January 2022, GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced their support in the selling guide for the 1004 desktop appraisal for certain transactions and new floor plan requirements.

How can technologies like CubiCasa contribute to appraisal modernization and help in better adapting to these new GSEs requirements? When appraisers perform any assignment, they need to have access to accurate property data and reliable square footage information. For hybrid and desktop assignments, this can be challenging since non-appraiser-third parties collect the data.

Now, here is the revolution: CubiCasa technology meets Desktop Appraisal requirements (CubiCasa floor plans have interior walls, exterior dimensions and and detailed calculations showing how Gross Living Area -GLA- was calculated) and can be performed by ANYONE with a smartphone and no training. Even interested parties. How is this possible? The floor plans and GLA calculations are deemed unbiased because the person who performs the scan (even with little to no measuring/sketching skills) will not change the outcome –  it is the software (disinterested source) producing the final output. As such, floor plans are acceptable because they provide exterior dimensions that the appraiser can use to verify the GLA of the subject property.

What makes CubiCasa “Plus Floor Plan” the Best Floor Plan Solution for Real Estate marketing? 

While a no-frills solution like Base Floor Plan was designed for appraisals, on the other hand, Plus Floor Plan was designed for real estate marketing purposes. On top of the functional value as in Base Floor Plan option, Plus Floor Plans offers “visual value” as well. Plus Floor Plan allow real estate photographers, realtors, and service providers to deliver a detailed floor plan and Gross Living Area information while enhancing their brand. Adding a floor plan to a listing is one of the most effective ways to generate more listing engagement and more listing appointments per property.

However, floor plans are much more than simply marketing material. First of all, digital floor plans present agents with an opportunity to deliver a better experience for their sellers while making the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Buyers want to see floor plans on listings. It helps them envision themselves inside the home, understand the usability of the space, where window and door placements are, and what storage capacities the property offers.

Again, the more details and information, such as including fixed furniture, the floor plan has to offer, the better to attract more buyers. Let’s go through two practical examples on how real estate professionals can benefit from using CubiCasa.

CubiCasa Floor Plans Are A Profitable Add-on for Photographers 

CubiCasa App is incredibly easy to use and requires no training. You might think it is something every company would say about their product. But our technology really is.

That’s why even with little to no measuring and sketching skills, even real estate agents can choose to conduct scans themselves. However, many prefer to focus on what they do best – getting more clients and closing deals and instead rely on one of the thousands of real estate photography companies currently using CubiCasa’s app. Now, realtors look for one-step solutions for their listings: professional photography, floor plans, drone pictures. That’s why as a photographer, floor plans are one of the most profitable add-ons and, with CubiCasa, probably the easiest. With a few minutes of extra time per shoot, our most active certified photographers take 20-60 scans a month and have been able to increase their monthly profits by $1000-$3000.

CubiCasa solution is affordable for any listing, not just high-end properties

Getting detailed floor plans for listings used to be time-consuming and expensive. However, now you can have floor plan apps doing the heavy lifting for you with measurements and sketching. That’s why using CubiCasa will allow you to provide a floor plan for ANY listing in a fast and affordable way. It will no longer be a privilege reserved for high-end properties. Any of your listings will have your beautiful, customized floor plan with your colors and branding. Benefiting from the advanced technologies of floor plan apps will enhance your image as a capable, cutting-edge professional. It will set you apart from your competitors.

Now you can get your CubiCasa floor plans faster: introducing Express delivery option

Another exciting news along with Base and Plus launch: we introduced Rush Order option. What is Rush Order? It is a 6-hours rush delivery option on all orders! In addition to our normal 24-hours SLA, you will have the option to pay an extra fee of 10 $ to get your order delivered within 6 hours. You have to select the turnaround time (rush or normal) BEFORE submitting your order. It’s not possible to change the SLA once the order has been placed.

Please be aware that the 6-hour delivery does not apply if the total area exceeds 10 000 sq ft and the user didn’t follow the best scanning techniques.

Let’s build a better product together

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change

Tom Peters, American writer on business management practices 

We are excited about all the updates we have been rolled out in the past months and about the many more to come.

We put passion and hard work into everything we do and continue to make our product better for our clients. However, none of this would happen without the valuable feedback our customers provide us with. It’s ultimately the most effective way to understand what works and what can be improved.
Please use the “Send Feedback” button in the left bar on the web portal or reach out via

If you still have questions about Base and Plus Floor Plan or Express Delivery, don’t hesitate to consult the Help Center section or contact us to ask any questions. Check out also our dedicated webinar LIVE DEMO – New Mobile Experience and Web Portal. How to navigate “BASE” and “PLUS”.

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