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Required iPhone


  1. What device can be used for this?

Supported devices are the iPhone 7 and later.

  1. How much this consumes my phone battery?

Scanning requires a lot of processing power, but you should not lose more than 5% of battery even with a larger property.

  1. Will the app work on an iPad / iPhone 8 / Android…?

We will add support for different models and platforms during the year 2019. All important changes will be communicated through email and social media. Follow our facebook page for latest updates →

  1. Do I need to have 4G, or can it operate through WiFi?

The app works through wifi and cellular, and you can make the scan offline. Note that the app needs an internet connection during the startup. We recommend high-speed internet when sending the scans for processing, but it’s not required.


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Scanning time


  1. How long it takes to take a video from a 2000 sq ft home which is in 2 floors?

Capturing process takes from 4-6 minutes in 2000sq ft space. Capturing time depends on the area and complexity of the indoor space.

  1. How much should I scan?

Scanning time depends on indoor space and complexity. You should be able to capture one room fairly fast, in 15-20 seconds.


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How to shoot the video. What to watch out for?


  1. How do I shoot the video? 

Keep the device on your chest height, slightly tilted downwards and walk with normal walking speed. No need to be extra slow or scan one place more than once.

  1. Do I need to mark something?

No need to mark anything, just walk and scan.

  1. Where do I start?

It is recommended to start from the foyer and proceed forward from there.

  1. Where to go next?

After starting is recommended to move forward room by room in order, from the current one to the next which is the closest one

  1. How do I know that I have scanned every room and space? 

There is no feedback on what has been scanned. Before the feedback-update, it is recommended to plan the route beforehand so that rooms are not missed.


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What to do after scanning?


  1. Can I see some kind of floor plan sketch on the go or immediately after scanning?

There is no intermediate result available at the moment.

  1. What if I forget some space, can I scan it later?

If the area is not scanned, is recommended to scan the whole apartment again, to ensure that the end result is complete.


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How to scan different floors?


  1. How do I go to the second floor, or to the basement?

You can walk the stairs normally.

Note: Be careful to watch in front of you and not at the device screen on the stairs!

  1. Which floor I should scan first?

It is recommended to start from the lowest floor and scan your way up. Point at the stairs while climbing.

  1. Is this good for other interior spaces like offices?

Interior space type does not matter for the scan.


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How to prepare the house for scanning?


  1. Do I need to clean the house? 

No need to clean up the house. If there are items blocking visibility to appliances or other items which are shown in the floor plan, it is recommended to clear those spaces up.

  1. Do I need to keep doors open? 

When you are planning the route for the scan, it is recommended to open the doors for the spaces. You can open the doors during the scanning, but to ensure best results, they should be open

  1. Can there be other people in the house?

There can be people and pets in the house.

  1. Any other preparation needed?

Put all the lights on. Open the doors to the spaces where you want to go in

  1. Can there be direct sunlight from the windows?

Sunlight is not a problem, curtains can be open.

  1. Do I need to put lights on or off?

Lights should be on.

  1. What if there is a really dark place?

If there is a space with low-light, do not enter the space.

  1. How about mirrors, can I scan them and it is ok? 

Mirrors are ok to scan. You can see here instructions on how to use CubiCasa app.

  1. What about the separate garage in the backyard?

If there is a garage not 20m further, you can walk there and scan the path as well.
 If it is dark outside scanning outside is not possible.


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How does the output look like?


  1. What is the turnaround time? 

Current turnaround time is 1 business day. Enterprise plans will be available on request where the turnaround time is separately agreed

  1. Do you have room dimensions in the floor plan? 

Yes! Delivered floor plan images are provided with and without room dimensions so you can select which ones you want to use.

  1. Do you provide total area?

There is no total area in the floor plans, this is on the roadmap.

  1. How do you know the right room labels? 

We detect the rooms automatically from the scan, QA confirms these predictions and corrects any errors.

  1. Do you draw also exterior spaces like patio/terrace?

If space is scanned, it is in the floor plan. So patios and terraces are included in the floor plan if they are scanned.


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How does the App works and what can you edit?


  1. Can you get a 3D model out from this? For example for Sketch Up or CAD?

Currently, we do not support 3D or BIM data export.

  1. How much automated this process is? 

The process is automation-assisted and all data is processed without human action. We have a QA process which goes through the predicted data and approves the outputs.

  1. Is it photogrammetry or human-based?

We call it human-assisted automation. There is the automatic part, which leverages state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms, and from those results, human makes corrections to the final output.

  1. Can I edit the floor plan myself? 

Yes, we are offering vector versions of the floor plans (SVG) for external graphics editing tools and our in-platform editing tool is being released early 2019.

  1. Do you do site plans?

We include terraces but not other outdoor elements. However, the floor plans will be available in SVG format, so adding them yourself should be a breeze if needed.

  1. What standard do you follow with the floor plans?

Current floor plans are following closely to IPMS Residential. (With the deduction of area calculation in the plan).

  1. Will the scan output a 3D showcase similar to Matterport?

At the current stage, a 3D showcase is not on our roadmap. For the floor plan, we create the geometry of the property only.


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Accuracy and turnaround time


  1. How accurate is the floorplan provided by CubiCasa and what does it include?

Currently, the error margin is around 5%, thus we aim to improve this number. The floor plans can include your brand elements such as wall color, floor color, and your logo.

  1. Will the accuracy improve? If yes, when?

We are working on accuracy improvements for our service. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact date when these will be available. Currently, our success rate for scanning is 99%.

  1. What is the turnaround time and pricing for an order?

The turnaround time is one business day. The scanning will be available for the pay as you go president package so the price for one scan will be $34.99, but the prices could change with higher volume.

  1. How long does it take to build a floorplan of a 4-bed house?

The scanning speed can be fairly fast, so 1000 sqft should not take more than 5 minutes.

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