General questions


What is this?

This is a property visualization service by CubiCasa. Our floor plans and Virtual Flythrough tours help home buyers and renters to find the property they desire. We redraw all kinds of source materials into a consistent style, increasing marketability with a range of branding options. Our monthly subscription plans include a remarkable next business day turnaround.


Who are your customers?

Our customers are real estate agents, brokers, realtors, agent teams, property managers, real estate developers, photographers, space planners, vacation rental hosts, and software developers – to name a few. We are global, shipped in all continents (excluding Antarctica). Most of our customers are located in the United States and Europe.


Why should I use the service?

According to National Association of Realtors Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, floor plan is the 3rd most valuable website feature among buyers who used the internet to search a property.

In the listing, photographs describe the state, look and feel of a property. Floor plan and Virtual Flythrough help to understand the spaces and holistic view of a home. Also, say, if you’d use professional photographs in your listing with an unclear, alongside old, weary, stained, or inaccurate source floor plan, your potential customers might see you inconsistent and less credible. Not the best situation in a business based on trust.


How does it work?

Familiarize yourself with our products and monthly subscription plans, choose the one you prefer.

When placing the order, fill in the order form and attach the source material (see the ‘source materials’ section). When ready, you’ll receive an email with attachments and links to outputs.


How much does it cost?

Starting at $3.18 / floor plan / user / month! See all monthly subscription plans here.


Source materials


What kind of source materials must I have?

Most of our sources are pictures of all kinds of floor plans or links to Matterport 3D showcases.

When using a Matterport source, you need the showcase URL. If you have the .OBJ file, we can include the measurements free of charge.

You also need to know the property’s real-world post address. This is the best way to recognize and keep track on your orders.


How do I get the source material in the first place?

This is the tricky part, which may be depending on your local legislation and best practices. First, ask the property owner, property manager, or the town’s public archives.


Can I draw the source floor plan? Is a hand-drawn sketch good enough?

Yes! We’ve done a helpful infographic for that. Think that the redrawn floor plan may not need to be inch-by-inch accurately measured, but a helpful representation of what the property is like.


I have the source and I have subscribed to the service, what should I do next?

If you have a printed floor plan, scan it or take a picture of it. Upload the source when placing the order.

For Matterport sources, copypaste the showcase URL and (optionally) attach the.obj file.

Also remember to include the post address.


The products

CubiCasa provides three kinds of monthly subscription plans. These include floor plan images, CubiTool floor plan editor and Virtual Flythrough 3D Tours.


Floor plans


I’d like to include the room dimensions on my floor plans but I don’t know how big the rooms are. What do I do?

We are only able to add room dimensions on the floor plans if we get that information from the source material. At the moment we are able to pull dimensions from .OBJ files provided together with a Matterport 3D scan, the average margin of error being within 1%.*

* Based on an internal study of 100 randomly selected sources & outputs.


I would like to get the room labels added to my floor plans. What do I do?

We provide general room labels such as kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom with each floor plan delivery. You can also provide additional information in the order form, or use our CubiTool floor plan editor to make them yourself.


I would like to get my floor plan without room labels or dimensions. What do I do?

Mention this in your order and you will receive a clean, unlabeled floor plan – or use CubiTool to make them as you wish.


Where can I see examples of CubiCasa floor plans?

Either on our website or any of the social media channels (FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn preferred). At the moment of writing, we have delivered over 126 thousand floor plans into 45 countries altogether.


CubiTool floor plan editor


What is CubiTool?

CubiTool is our proprietary floor plan editor, enabling image-specific features and modifying what’s included in the floor plan. If your plan or order includes CubiTool, we’ll send the link in the floor plan delivery email.

CubiTool is meant to modify the floor plan appearance, not the structure and fixed elements (walls, doors, windows, …). The latter is done via fix request.


Why should I use it?

Depending on the property, it may look better with different orientations or color themes. If you’d use other publications than web listings, like printed brochures or newspaper ads, you’re able to fit your floor plans better with those standards. Or you might have an Airbnb, vacation rental or furnished apartment and want to add furniture and interior design directly into the floor plan. Finally, your brokerage benefits of improving your customer service with CubiTool and floor plans branded in greater detail.


What’s included?

  • Image aspect ratio and orientation: landscape, portrait, square. Mirrors in all directions.
  • Color themes: five different available.
  • Furniture and interior: fixed furniture (shower, dishwasher, closets etc), movable furniture (beds, tables, chairs etc) and symbols for other amenities (wifi, medicine, fire extinguisher,…)
  • Other: compass symbol for cardinal directions, outputs JPG/PNG image files
  • We are constantly developing new features, stay tuned!


How do I get CubiTool?

CubiTool is included in Standard and Premium monthly subscription plans, also with single orders.


Virtual Flythrough 3D Tour


What is Virtual Flythrough?

Virtual Flythrough is a realistic 3D tour inside a property, starting automatically when the listing is opened. As the name says, a virtual reality compatible tour that looks and feels flying through different parts and rooms of a property. The “fly” path is set automatically according to the property characteristics.


Why should I use it?

It’s engaging and creates a strong connection between home seekers and your property repertoire. VF can be described as a virtual open house and a proof of your expertise as a customer servant.


How do I get one?

VF is included in Premium monthly subscription plan and in Single Order. The tour is being created using your source floor plan, so no extra effort needed on your side. The tour link is included in the delivery email.


Are there any technical or other details I should know?

If your website uses iframe, it is the best way to provide the experience. If not, you can copypaste the tour link into the website and highlight it in the way people will notice and click it.


User account


How do I sign up?

Click the “Sign up” button. After entering your contact information, check your inbox and confirm your email address. If you don’t see the confirmation email, check your spam/trash or contact us using the chat window.


What is a company account?

It is likely you work for a company, instead of being an independent individual. This way we can ease cooperation in your brokerage or office and administer the user accounts connected to your company.

The credit card payments are connected to a company instead of you personally.


How often do you charge my credit card?

All monthly subscription plans are per calendar month, starting at signup as long as your account exists. If you decide to stop using the service, cancel your subscription.



About the company


Who is behind CubiCasa?

CubiCasa is owned by founding entrepreneurs, backed by Butterfly Ventures. Founded in 2014, headquarters are in Oulu, Finland. We also have software development in Helsinki, Finland, and sales offices in London (UK), New York City and San Francisco Bay area.

This year we attend Moderne Passport program, by Moderne Ventures.


What is your long-term vision?

The company vision is stated as AI-powered computer vision solution to bring all indoor spaces into cloud.

We are a creative bunch with high sisu and energy, being highly invested in AI, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other trends and technologies with real estate approach.


Do you have any open job positions?

Have a look at the Careers page. Also remember to follow our LinkedIn page!


I’m an investor, where I can find more information?

See our investor-specific FAQ or CubiCasa public profiles in CrunchBase and AngelList.

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