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floor plan as a user interface

Floor plans: the creative user interface design for modern applications

Looking for UI design inspiration? Try a floor plan as:

  • An image map to present your properties and room locations in home automation projects.
  • An indoor navigation to visually guide users in events, weddings, meetings that take part in large buildings.
  • A navigator center in your game, applications, or any architecture structure’s virtual tours.
floor plan navigation image map

Floor plans and events

Virtually navigate within a building

3D virtual tours are on trend. People can visit a construction site, a museum or any architecture structures online with just a pair of virtual reality glasses, or by PC / mobile devices.

That’s where floor plans come into play as the best navigation maps ever. Just include a floor plan in the menu bars of your 3D virtual tours to help people navigate from kitchen to bedroom, from office to library easily. Click here to see more about CubiCasa floorplans.

Mapping locations with floor plans

If a stranger asks you directions, words like “turn left, turn right, go straight” will only make most of them confused. A better way is that you can show the road on Google, or at least take a piece of paper and start drawing a map.

Similarly, an image map would make things much easier in many aspects of life, because people always expect visuals over texts and lists.

Get lost in a multi-storey building? Don’t know which restaurant room holds your best friend’s wedding? Tell the organizers to include a floor plan to the flyers as soon as possible!

floor plans as smart devices' user interface controller

Floor plans as a controller interface for Internet of Things (IoT)

How floor plans help interior designers to overcome their problems

Customers in modern life are more demanding and easy to change their minds at any time. However, besides the decisions on a space size and style to the furnishings, lighting, and materials, a lot of interior designers may face problems in presenting their designs to the clients. Because they simply lack an effective process that works.

In that case, a floor plan would be a useful tool for designers to increase user experience, as a simple 2D black and white floor plan is enough to help your clients imagine the overall room layout. Also, this can be an important milestone, because a designer will never have to plan their layout from scratch again if both parties agree on the first sketch.

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