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CubiCasa Unveils RE Property Content Platform for Floor plans

Available in October 2016 for Real Estate Agents in Select Manhattan Districts; Available in Major U.S. Cities by 2017

September 29th – Oulu, Finland – CubiCasa™ ­– a pioneering startup in providing on-demand digital floor plans for real estate professionals – today announced Property Content Platform, providing digital floor plans as a service. The CubiCasa Property Content Platform provides pro-quality digital floor plans with on-demand access and a subscription-based business model. It is currently offering a free BETA program.

There are thousands of legacy companies that provide floor plans and visualizations. But most only provide individual projects and transactions for each of their customers as separate bids. CubiCasa differentiates by providing a day-to-day scaling platform that reuses existing content and makes it accessible for the whole property lifecycle.

How do CubiCasa floor plans look like?

From a technical perspective, each floor plan is based on a combination of geometric, semantic and location-based datasets. CubiCasa is strict in privacy issues and makes it clear that only certain types of data are being used. For instance, no one’s personal information is used and won’t be asked.

“Trust is the most important component of real estate transactions, especially for those who plan on buying or renting in expensive locations. We want to offer high-quality visuals that help people in their decisions, and in creating trust between all parties. We are excited to unveil the Platform in New York City, the global hub of real estate,”, said Jarmo Lumpus, CubiCasa founder and Head of Product Development.

After careful market research, CubiCasa has chosen the Chelsea, Greenwich Village and West Village districts of Manhattan for its initial launch in zip codes 10001, 10003, 10011, 10012, and 10014. Starting in October, CubiCasa will add new districts and expand the area of coverage.

CubiCasa’s opportunities are huge

CubiCasa has proven its business model with an impressive count of more than 66,000 deliveries into 45 countries altogether since its founding in 2014. The US indoor spaces visualization market is estimated at tens of millions of dollars a month, including both sales and rental apartments. Moreover, CubiCasa sees this as a huge opportunity, enabling the reuse of existing content multiple times with extensive features for branding and design.

“Each apartment and property is sold or rented many times throughout their life cycle. Each transaction requires high-quality marketing materials. This also enables property managers and developers a new toolset for asset management. Besides scaling the platforms’ geographical coverage, we also add new features and use cases continuously. One day we are able to offer 3D models, virtual reality, CAD and design compatible formats, making our Platform the best possible source archive for real estate professionals. As a trailblazer of real estate technology, CubiCasa uses AI and computer vision to model all indoor spaces in the world”, Lumpus added.

About CubiCasa

CubiCasa oy is a real estate technology startup, founded in 2014 by Jarmo Lumpus and Harri Pesola (CEO). The company is located in Oulu, Finland, 125 miles below the Arctic Circle. Started as a small virtual staging studio, CubiCasa has a vision of establishing a global real estate platform. The company will focus on cutting-edge technology and volume deliveries capability. CubiCasa is diverse in expertise, from architecture to software development and public sector co-operation, backed by a global network of real estate and software professionals.

Contact information

Jarmo Lumpus, founder, Head of Product Development:, +1 929 2104220
Harri Pesola, founder, CEO:, +1 650 2836012

Author: Aarne Huttunen

Aarne is the Chief Product Officer at CubiCasa. His main priority is to ensure that CubiCasa's users love to use the CubiCasa App and related APIs. Most likely you'll spot him next to a coffee cup in Helsinki or meet him in a conference running a wild scanning demo!

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