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CubiCasa on Location in Chicago: A Day in the Life of our Certified Photographer MARK GUTIERREZ

Marc Smith and I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting our first CubiCollective in the Chicago area, and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet several of our Certified Photographers, including photographers at all levels of experience with real estate imaging. One of our guests at the Collective was our recent webinar guest, Mark Gutierrez […]

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10 TikTok Accounts You Need to Follow in 2022 for Real Estate Marketing

best tik tok accounts in real estate industry

If there is one thing you should not do in 2022 if you work in the real estate industry, it’s overlooking the marketing potential of TikTok. Yes, TikTok has been now around for a while, and it has become way more than videos of teenagers dancing and lip-syncing: its explosion in popularity makes it one […]

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Get To Know our New Featured Photographer, Sue Vaughton

Holiday homes by sue vaughton

Like most people, when I think of England, I have images of Big Ben, the Queen and tea at a small cafe. Well, that was until I met Sue Vaughton, one of our Certified Photographers. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue for just about a year. What an amazing person and such a […]

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Making More Money with our Free Floor Plan

So the good news is here, new pricing. On August 2nd, we released a free floor plan product in the United States, and lower pricing for all our products, globally. And even better news is on the way: a volume-based discount plan will be launched very soon. Basically the more you scan (including the free […]

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Launching CubiCasa’s Free Floor Plan and add-ons

Let’s start off by announcing the obvious: Today, CubiCasa announced we are offering a free floor plan product in the United States, and lower pricing for all our products, globally. Our team is incredibly excited; we truly believe this will accelerate our vision to have a floor plan for every real estate listing in the […]

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What permanent desktop appraisals mean for the industry?

March 19, 2022 marked a monumental change in the U.S. appraisal industry when governmental-sponsored enterprises (GSE) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac officially started accepting desktop appraisals — a historical transformation, as some would call it. The announcement shook the appraisal world, leaving it flooded with thousands of questions and uncertainties. What does this new policy […]

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4 tips to reach your ideal customers in a real estate market that is cooling down

Real estate marketing_Ideal customer_CubiCasa

Until mid-May, the real estate market was still described as vibrant, bustling, and highly competitive before it hit the mid-May housing market meltdown. Mortgage rates spiked to the highest level since 2009, which led to real estate market activities coming to a halt.  With homebuyers becoming increasingly cautious in a real estate market that’s cooling […]

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10 Essential Technology Tools for Appraisers

Technology for appraisals

Technology is transforming the valuation industry. We are seeing new ways of collecting and reporting property data, backed by advanced AI and machine learning models. We are seeing new technology increasing efficiencies on regular appraisal tasks, from measuring to form-filling, allowing property appraisers to deliver reports faster. If you are a certified real estate appraiser […]

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How visual products are used in real estate listings in Australia and New Zealand

australia new zealand floor plans listings

We conducted a survey for Australian and New Zealand photographers about visual products in real estate listings in May 2022. We collected 73 responses to the survey; 71% from Australia and 29% from New Zealand. Most of the respondents are sole entrepreneurs working independently or photographers operating in small photography studios. We have gathered knowledge […]

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5 effective visual elements in order of importance to improve your real estate listings online

The four cornerstones of an effective real estate marketing strategy are:  Your ideal clients Your value proposition Your real estate listing strategy Your real estate listing imagery In this article, we will discuss the importance of visual content in your digital marketing efforts.  A picture is worth a thousand words — especially in real estate […]

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Get to Know Certified Photographer Erin Waynick

I am constantly amazed by our community of Certified Photographers, each one with unique talents and stories to tell. One such photographer is Erin Waynick of Loveland, Colorado, who kindly took time out of her schedule to share some inspiration with us! Interview with Erin Waynick, CubiCasa Featured Photographer Tammy: Hi Erin, Thank you so […]

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How Can Real Estate Agents Become Top Producers?

Top-producing real estate agents

The real estate market may be starting to cool down, now more than ever it’s important to position yourself to become a top producer. What do the nation’s top realtors know that you don’t? What secrets can you learn from them to follow in their footsteps? After years of interactions with top-producing real estate agents, […]

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Get To Know CubiCasa Certified Photographer of the Month, Niki Jahns

This month, we have an exciting introduction for you: It is our pleasure to introduce NIKI JAHNS, our new featured photographer and your new Customer Support Specialist! Tammy: Hi Niki! When we chatted in October, you were a new customer just getting started with floor plans! So in under six months, you have gone from […]

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CubiCasa on Location: A Day in the Life of our Certified Photographer BEN JONES

As real estate photographers, most of us are familiar with solitary workdays. Yet, on the other hand, would YOU welcome having another photographer along for the ride on a busy day of shooting? I would feel nervous about having another photographer shadow me, and how harshly they would judge all the things I’m doing wrong […]

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Get to Know CubiCasa Certified Photographer Torin Johnson, New England Drone Tours

This month we are pleased to welcome Torin Johnson as our Photographer of the Month. Many of our photographers provide aerial video and photography in addition to still photography and floor plans, but Torin is the first photographer I’ve seen offering interior drone video, shot in one take, with a 24 hour turn around! His […]

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10 Real Estate Photographers you should know

real estate photographers to follow

What a phenomenal start to 2022. So many new and awesome things are happening in the world of Real Estate photography. None of the things (conferences, meet-ups, and beautiful work that’s happening) would be possible without amazing photographers. Real estate photographers are doing awesome things. I wanted to share with you 10 Real Estate photographers […]

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Solutions For Appraisers: How To Align With ANSI-Z765 Standard

GLA sketch and 2D floor plan by CubiCasa (ANSI aligned)

Besides locational influences, a home’s physical size is perhaps the single biggest contributor to its value. As such, accurately capturing dimensions is essential to getting a credible appraisal. Unfortunately, securing accurate and consistent GLA has historically been very challenging, even in the longstanding traditional appraisal process. While all appraisers are certainly skilled and capable at […]

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Get to Know CubiCasa Certified Photographer Rick Souza

I first became acquainted with Rick Souza, our CubiCasa Certified Photographer of the Month, when he responded to our newsletter request for suggestions for improving CubiCasa. Rick lives in Sevenoaks, England, UK, and is a professional architectural and real estate photographer with Madison Brook, a London based property company. He’s been working in the field for […]

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Your mobile phone is the new DISTO for real estate appraisals.

next generation GLA tool for appraisers

Technology is constantly transforming the appraisal industry. New solution-driven technologies have definitely streamlined some of the work that appraisers have to do. Professionals who adopt and adapt to new technologies are the ones who tend to use their time more effectively, provide their clients with more accurate reports, and have improved customer service and faster […]

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