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How to Market your Real Estate Photography Services Online – Examples with Floor Plans

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Professional photographers that shoot houses have to hone their marketing skills as much as their real estate photography skills.
We are all well aware of how much marketing is important in the real estate photography niche. And a great way to find clients as a real estate photographer is to build a strong online presence, starting off with your website. The website of your real estate photography business is your digital storefront and showroom. Realtors will look at your real estate photography portfolio, search which add-ons you offer, and visit your social media channels. Today we’ll take a look at some best practices to understand how you can successfully promote your real estate photography services online, taking one of the most important add-ons as an example: floor plans.

Your real estate photography website is a powerful tool for advertising your photography business to realtors and other prospective clients.
However, you are clearly not the only real estate photographer using the internet to find more clients. A great way to make your photography website stand out is to make sure you showcase an impressive real estate photography portfolio. Make sure to:

  1. Include your best real estate photos, showcasing different kinds of properties, interiors, and exteriors in full format;
  2. Check lighting and edit properly all of the work on your portfolio so it looks its absolute best on desktop or mobile;
  3. Create a page dedicated to your real estate photography services and add-ons: Floor plans, Twilight shoots, drone videography,…;
  4. Clearly showcase the descriptions and prices of your services;
  5. Consider adding a section to book your key services directly on your website.

Now, let’s go through some best practices to better understand how you can promote your add-on services on your website, taking floor plans as an example.

How to successfully promote your services on your real estate Photography Website: Floor Plans

Floor plans are one of the most profitable real estate photography services for real estate photographers. They are an add-on most owners and agents not only want but need to best represent a given property regarding overall layout – and we certainly want to ensure our potential clients know we can provide floor plans along with our beautiful pictures.

floor plans as real estate photography service for real estate photographers
Floor plans are one of the most profitable add-ons for real estate photographers

But how can you start selling floor plans within your real estate photography package? How to convince realtors skeptical about floor plans or another add-on you just introduced?

We asked our experienced CubiCasa certified photographers how they are marketing floor plan services to their clients. Here are some best practices to get better at marketing floor plans and your other services on your real estate photography website.

How are top Real Estate Photographers promoting Floor Plans on their websites?

Staircase Photography

Staircase Photography is an established real estate photography company in Northern Virginia. Their website is definitely among the ones you want to look up to for inspiration. A great home page displaying a brief overview of the company, its location, list of real estate photo packages with their pricing and available add-ons. All the important information is on the home page, navigation is easy and the website has lots of detailed sections.

promoting real estate photography services on website
Staircase Photography offers a good example of how to showcase real estate photography services and their pricing in a clear way

Staircase Photography offers several additional services available as add-ons for any of their packages above: Virtual Staging, Aerial Videos, Aerial Photos, Floor Plans, and more. Here is how Staircase Photography is promoting their add-on “2D Schematic Floor Plan” on their website:

Promoting floor plans on your real estate photography website

How to promote the add-on service “floor plans” on your website. Example of STAIRCASE PHOTOGRAPHY

New England Drone Tours

New England Drone Tours is a video production company based out of Boston, MA. You will certainly find some inspiration navigating their website!

promoting floor plans on your website
Another great example of a “Services” page listing all services and add-ons offered. New England Drone Tours


South Shore Staging and Photography

South Shore Staging and Photography has a bar with both a “services” page and dedicated pages with the key services: Floor Plans are among them. In this example, the “Floor Plan” dedicated page includes examples of floor plans with a theme that complements her website design. Great choice to enhance their brand!

promoting customized floor plans on your real estate photography websitewebsite
Make sure your floor plans enhance your brand image! We now offer six predefined themes for you to choose from, or customize your own.
South Shore Photography and Photography Floor Plans
South Shore Staging and Photography

We asked Lisa DeFrancesco, Owner of South Shore Staging and Photography, to tell as her experience in adding floor plans to her real estate photography package:

“I’m a real estate photographer and started offering floor plans when I noticed that realtors were always trying to schedule a floor plan person to come to the property around the same time that I was there for photography. I quickly learned what an inconvenience this was for realtors as they struggled to coordinate separate appointments in an attempt to minimize the amount of time they had to be at the property themselves. I did my research and decided to add floor plans to my own offering. I spread the word amongst my clients and they were instantly so happy! It solidified their loyalty to myself and my business as no other photographer was offering both services. With their busy schedules, the amount of time I instantly saved them was worth a lot to them. For myself, it translated into additional revenue during an appointment that I was going to be at anyway – win-win! Floor plans are one of the big differentiators in my business and about 90% of my clients now book me for photography and floor plans together.” 

Key Takeaways

These are great examples of real estate photography businesses that are successfully promoting their services and add-ons on their websites. Making sure prospect clients instantly have an idea of who you are and what you can do for them is key. And if you offer floor plans among your real estate photography services, you want to make sure realtors know that! Real estate agents are often too busy to create floor plans on their own, yet they need them for their listings.

Here’s a fun fact: 93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan. It’s a quick win that generates results, fast.

But what if you are new to floor plans, or you just want to create more interest?  To help you get started, we have prepared these marketing materials with all the statistics that demonstrate how important floor plans are as a part of a real estate marketing package.  In addition, there are many other methods you might use to generate awareness and demand for this important service.

Getting Started Promoting your offerings as a Real Estate Photographer: Marketing tips for Floor Plan Services

Here are some tips to introduce floor plans as your new real estate photography service.

1. Use social media

Make it fun! Run a contest and give the winner a free floor plan or offer a discounted floor plan to everyone who participates.

2. Ask your best clients to test the new service

Offer your best clients an invitation to “preview” this new offering with you. Exchange a free scan for their evaluation and testimonial. Use this in your other promotions.

3. Consider starting with a discounted price

Roll out your new service at a reduced price for a limited time.

4. Use your email list

Make sure your clients are aware that you are offering floor plans.  They might be interested in them, but don’t know that you can provide them along with your other services.

Best Practice – ImageArts Productions

ImageArts Productions provides an excellent example of using several of these ideas in their May 2021 Newsletter to Clients. In this newsletter, IAP provides data supporting the importance of floor plans, introduces floor plans as a new service at a special introductory price, and includes them in an amazing social media production bundle.

newsletter real estate photography
How to introduce a new Real Estate Photography Package
announcing floor plans in newsletter real estate photography
Marketing floor plans as an add-on service to your clients

5. Promote the new service face-to-face during photo shoots

Challenge yourself to work the topic of floor plans into your small talk during photo shoots.  It’s the perfect time to remind your client that you can provide this service to complete their marketing package and maximize the use of your time on site.

Need more sales tips to promote your real estate photography services and get more clients in real estate? Check out this inspiring webinar on how to move past objections and the dreaded “NO” and keep pushing until you achieve your goals.

Why should you consider adding CubiCasa floor plans to your Real Estate Photography Package?

As a Real Estate Photographer, offering CubiCasa floor plans is a fantastic way to add to your income without another investment in equipment or time.

Make sure your clients know you are a Certified CubiCasa Photographer! We have created beautiful GIFs with a special badge to use when you share your CubiCasa floor plans on your website and social media.

Author: Tammy Dwight

Tammy is a real estate photographer based in the Pacific Northwest and a Community Manager at CubiCasa. She is interested in how emerging technologies will be used to meet the imaging needs of the real estate industry in the future.

We're building technology to digitize the real estate around us, and while doing it, helping families to find better homes, approve mortgages and renovate their homes. We are located in Oulu, Helsinki, San Jose, and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently we are especially looking for software developers to join our team.

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