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Beginning on August 2nd, we’ll be offering expanded options for you to configure the product to best meet your needs.

Now you will be able to pick the price for your floor plan, based on your exact needs. Please see the updated pricing model here.

You will be able to customize your simplified floor plan with logo, color, and style.

In addition to that, if you wish, you can choose the optional add-ons for each order to best fit your needs – adding any combination of:

  • Fixed Furniture
  • Digital GLA
  • Expedited “rush” 6h delivery

Please bear in mind that if your order exceeds 5,000 sq ft of total scanned area (this includes ALL scanned areas, including porches, balconies, external wall thickness, etc.) you will be charged an additional $10/10€ on your invoice based on your region.

We aim to provide you with the exact product you need, without unnecessary features that increase the total cost of the CubiCasa product.

As a manager, you have full control over what your users and collaborators can order, enabling or disabling add-ons within their mobile App, based on your preferences. For example, if you want to allow them to change only the turnaround time, you can block the other add-ons, and leave the turnaround add-on available so your users can add it when they need it.

Here is how you can enable/disable the options for your users on the App, and how to set your default options:

  1. Log in to your account on the Web Portal
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the “Account Defaults” tab
  4. Click on the Add-on you want to enable/disable on the App for your users

Enable or Disable Add-ons

Then, based on the default you select you can see our sample on the right side “preview” update to show you what you will get as default.

Here are some examples for the US customers:

Example 1 – Just a floor plan (without fixed furniture, without GLA) in 24h:
Example 1

Example 2 – Floor plan (without fixed furniture) + 6h turnaround:
Example 2

Example 3 – Floor plan (without fixed furniture) + GLA Add-on + 6h turnaround:
Example 3

Example 4 – Floor plan with the Fixed Furniture Add-on:
Example 4

Example 5 – Floor plan with the Fixed Furniture Add-on + GLA Add-on + 6h turnaround:
Example 5

If you have enabled the options for your users on the App, they will be able to select the add-ons before they upload the order.

If you have disabled the options for your users on the App, they will see the add-ons, however, they will not be able to change them (there will be a lock and the add-on will be grayed out).

Add-ons selections on the App

Note: If your manager has created the order from a draft, even if you have the add-ons enabled for your users, they will not be able to make changes before they submit the scan. We will use the add-ons selected when the draft order was created.

Important: At this moment, the only add-on available for purchase after the order has been delivered is the Digital GLA, if you need to purchase the Fixed Furniture and your order has already been delivered, please contact our Customer Support team, via chat or email at they will create a new order for you, and the turnaround you requested initially will be the same to receive the new order.

We would also advise you to watch the webinar we hosted on August 3rd.