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How to use different floor plan creator apps with your phone?

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How to Use Different Floor Plan Apps

Are you a real estate agent/photographer or an individual designing a home? Are you trying to create a perfect floor plan but without investing in hardware? There are two affordable solutions for all: Sketch by yourself or try Floor Plan creator apps! Let’s see which one is easier!

When you are designing or renovating a home, you’ll most likely need a floor plan. Creating a plan for your house is not an easy job. However, a good floor plan not only enhances the visual identity of the home by creating a nice flow between spaces but also increase its resale value. To get a detailed floor plan, you can sketch it by yourself, but it’s much easier to use a floor plan app, be it a drawing or scanning software.

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Method #1 Sketch a floor plan by yourself

If you sketch it by yourself, it will take several hours to measure the rooms and convert into a house plan. For example, at first, you have to determine the area for drawing and also you need to brainstorm the design of the room. If you have an existing building, you need to decide how to draw the rooms, floor, open spaces. You need to measure the walls, doors and suitable furniture and add walls for each room of the building. Additionally, you should include architectural features like doors, windows, and furniture. After all these efforts, you won’t be able to get perfect measurements for your room which is compulsory in a floor plan. But, if you dare to invest some time you would have a floor plan at the end.

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Method #2 Use a floor plan creator app

Thus, in order to save time, you can access several user-friendly room scanning apps which can help you to create floor plans and virtually design your interior decoration of rooms! Floor plan software can take out your tiresome work and manage everything by determining suitable furniture to your space, assess how a paint color will look and put entire rooms together in virtual reality.

It is not hard to learn how to use a Floor Plan App. The following are the steps of how a scanning app works.

  1. Download a floor plan app to your iPhone or Android phone and install it.

    Search on Google for the best floor plan apps and software and find reviews about them. You can also search directly on the App Store or Google Play. After selecting the one which fits your expectations, download it.

  2. Hold the phone and scan the entire space or each room separately.

    Depending on the app, you may need to do some actions. For example, with MagicPlan you would need to tap on the screen while holding the phone to mark the doors and corners. With CubiCasa app, you don’t need to do anything else other than scanning.

  3. Get the floor plans

    After the scanning process, you may need to edit the floor plans by yourselves with the materials from the scan, or they will be available for download immediately or the next business day depending on the app. CubiCasa app does not require you to edit the floor plans by yourselves, after scanning, your job is done and you can send the video straight to us.

  4. Export your floor plan in different formats

    This also depends on the floor plan app. Most of the apps will give you PDF, JPG, and PNG but some do not provide SVG.

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What do you need to create a floor plan?

For most of the room scanning apps, you only need a mobile phone since it can scan almost any indoor space. Indeed, the technical capabilities of the devices are becoming better and better e.g. ARkit and ARcore. But, some apps require you to use special hardware and software for doing the whole scanning process e.g Matterport.

What are the best floor plan apps?

There are several floor planning apps available in the market. For example, MagicPlan, Room Scan Pro, Floor Plan Creator, Room Creator, CubiCasa, iGuide, Cupix, Matterport, RoomSketcher, PLNAR, etc. Most of the apps are suitable for both Android and iOS.

Among all the apps, CubiCasa offers an easy-to-use floor plan app with the most cost-effective pricing of only $34.90 per scan and five minutes of your time. All other solutions in the market, even if cheaper, require significantly more time and patience from you. There’s no upfront investment or expensive hardware needed and the first scan will be free of charge. Just download the CubiCasa app from the App Store and scan your indoor space in 5 minutes.

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