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Matterport photographers: Save costs with CubiCasa measurement services

CubiCasa introduces a new service for Matterport photographers. It is measuring the home surface area with Matterport 3D showcase source files. We developed an algorithm that generates the measurements automatically, with no additional costs. All you need is the existing Matterport showcase link, the OBJ file. Additionally,  you should click the “total sq ft measurement included” and “room dimensions” checkboxes on the Matterport ordering site.

We promise that when you capture the showcase well enough, the measured surface area is accurate for commercial use. The error margin is within 2%.

The default measurement unit is square feet. If you prefer square meters or both, state this in order form’s “Additional info” section.

For Matterport photographers:

The service helps you to improve your services and quality.  Room dimensions are your competitive advantage. The option also helps you set the pricing right. It will be based on actual figures (surface area) and not an ambiguous one (like hourly rate).

For homebuyers:

The surface unit price is an important piece of information in making big decisions. Knowing the exact measurements remains important even after buying and actually living in the home. For example in cases of renovations, floor improvements, and pricing, the accurate measurements have already been made.

The technical information is seen on our FAQ page. With the CubiCasa floor plan service, the measuring costs get saved for your other purposes. Thus, you can give your customers a full services floor plan package.

Furthermore, we have added a possibility to purchase CAD compatible floor plans (DXF) and 3D models (IFC), and also developer-friendly SVG floor plan. At the moment, the DXF files are available via, also for answering your other questions!

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