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What is the CubiCasa program for real estate photographers?

The CubiCasa Certified Photographer program is a partner network for real estate photographers who provide CubiCasa floor plans for real estate marketing. By becoming a CubiCasa Certified Photographer you’ll get access to all the latest features, marketing materials, and educational webinars! Join the real estate photographer directory and simplify creating your floor plans with a quick and easy-to-use floor plan app.


CubiCasa program for real estate photographers
Property floor plans by CubiCasa

Property floor plans by CubiCasa

Benefits for Certified Photographers

CubiCasa Certified Photographer Program in a nutshell:

  • Scan any property in under 5 minutes on average by using your phone
  • Home report datasheet
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Make edits to finished floor plans with Quick Edit
  • An exceptional customer support team to help you 
  • Free listing as a Certified Photographer on our website
  • Extensive video library on learning how to create Floor Plans
  • Access to our media kit and logos to identify yourself as a Floor Plan Expert
  • Connect with our community of Certified Photographers
  • Maximize your income per shoot with a minimal investment of time
  • Customizable print and social media templates to support your Floor Plan Sales

Featured Photographer

Peter Lyons Photography

Please welcome our Featured Photographer, Peter Lyons!

Peter is an architectural and interior photographer in the Bay Area, and clearly a lover of the ocean and anything that travels by water. He works with all kinds of clients: designers, architects, contractors, and real estate agents, but finds that, “the slow, deliberate process of composing and staging and styling for interior design is so rewarding just because in the end you have photos that are this perfect collaboration of a few creatives working together. I love that.”

He has been using CubiCasa to create floor plans for the last year, and says, “I dragged my feet for quite some time, thinking a floor plan created by a quick scan literally with a smartphone couldn’t possibly be any good. But when I finally saw (CubiCasa) demonstrated at the PFRE Conference in 2021, I was converted. It’s super quick, amazingly accurate, and definitely meets the needs of my residential real estate clients. Everyone has been super pleased with them, and it’s been especially great for clients who want a floorplan to supplement the photos, but don’t want the experience or cost of a full 3D scan.”

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Peter! Please visit our blog for more on Peter, and check out his website and instagram @peterlyonsphoto and @plp_maritime to see more of Peter’s work.

Real estate photographer
Peter Lyons Photography

Photography | Floor Plan services in
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Architecture and interiors photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. FAA certified drone pilot.

And their excellent work

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tammy dwight cubicasa community manager
Tammy Dwight

Tammy is a real estate photographer based in the Pacific Northwest

marc smith cubicasa community manager
Marc Smith

Marc is a real estate photographer based in North Carolina

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