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What is the CubiCasa program for real estate photographers?

CubiCasa certified photographer program is a partner network for real estate photographers who provide CubiCasa floor plans for real estate marketing. By becoming a CubiCasa Certified Photographer you’ll get an immediate 30% discount from the list price and access to all the latest features! Join the real estate photographers’ directory and simplify creating your floor plans with a quick and easy-to-use floor plan app.


CubiCasa program for real estate photographers
Property floor plans by CubiCasa

Property floor plans by CubiCasa

Benefits for Certified Photographers

CubiCasa Certified Photographer Program in a nutshell:

  • Scan any property in under 5 minutes on average by using your phone
  • Add your own wall color, floor color, and logo to your floor plans
  • Home report datasheet
  • Delivery by the end of the next business day
  • Make edits to finished floor plans with Quick Edit
  • An exceptional customer support team to help you 
  • Free listing as a Certified Photographer on our website
  • Access to our media kit and logos to identify yourself as a Floor Plan Expert
  • Connect with our community of Certified Photographers
  • Maximize your income per shoot with a minimal investment of time
  • Customizable print and social media templates to support your Floor Plan Sales
  • Extensive video library on learning how to create Floor Plans

Photographer of the Month

allen newland featured real estate photographers
A Shot Above of WNC, LLC

This month we are featuring the business and work of Allen Newland, owner of A Shot Above of WNC, LLC. Allen and his wife run the business together in the mountainous western region of North Carolina. This awesome setting also presents some unique opportunities, because of the mountainous terrain, sometimes using a drone is the only way to get the shot.

Allen started flying RC planes when he was just 4 years old, and has been involved in aviation one way or another since then. In addition to flying drones as a part of his real estate photography business, he is also involved with drone search and rescue efforts, and as a teacher, in his area.

Adding floor plans has been one more way that Allen adds value for his real estate clients.  He says, “Having a highly accurate and detailed floor plan delivered in 24hrs is a HUGE plus to our business.”

Please visit our Blog to read Marc’s complete interview with Allen.

Thank you Allen, for talking with us!

Real estate photographer
A Shot Above of WNC, LLC

Photography | Floor Plan services in
Website URL
Description of services

We are a One-Stop-Photography-Shop specializing in Real Estate, Architectural, and Construction projects (commercial & residential) located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. We offer Aerial, Ground, Interior, Videos, Virtual Tours, and Floor Plans.

And their excellent work

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Your CubiCasa Community Managers

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tammy dwight cubicasa community manager
Tammy Dwight

Tammy is a real estate photographer based in Western Washington

marc smith cubicasa community manager
Marc Smith

Marc is a real estate photographer based in North Carolina

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Welcome to the first of our ongoing discussions designed to support and inspire you in your photography business. We hope that you find this information useful. We are excited to bring more opportunities to share and connect with our community of Certified Photographers, and provide ideas to serve you in growing your business.

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Digital GLA is LIVE

We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

The package includes a highly-detailed PNG floor plan file with a special GLA layout that highlights included and excluded areas and total area calculations by floor. P.S: The first scan is free of charge.

Interested in testing CubiCasa Digital GLA? Get in touch today. We’d love to know how our scanning technology compares with your current floor plan sketch and GLA numbers. Connect with our sales team at

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