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Aspire Media LLC dba True Images Photography

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I’m Mark Turner of True Images Photography. We offer a range of photography services, including interior and exterior photography, twilight shoots and floorplans. We live in an age where many photographers assemble images using extensive digital manipulation. I differ as I prefer traditional field technique and close attention to detail to capture photographs that feel honest and alive, carry the integrity of the moment, and which require minimal retouching, what I consider to be “true images”.

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Digital GLA is LIVE

We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

Interested in testing CubiCasa Digital GLA? We’d love to know how our scanning technology compares with your current floor plan sketch and GLA numbers. Connect with our sales team at

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