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CubiCasa real estate property data BETA: get access to Manhattan residential properties.

During last few months we have been developing something awesome and now we want to share it with the proptech developer community.

What is CubiCasa property data platform?

CubiCasa property data platform has thousands of Manhattan (NYC) properties converted to BIM models and we make them now available for various use cases through CubiCasa API. Our BIM models are “lite BIM models” which include parametric objects like spaces, walls, windows, doors and stairs.

So basically we offer on-demand database of digital floor plans. These are not just floor plans for real estate marketing purposes but can be used for all kinds of real estate data solutions.

What is this BETA all about?

In this first phase of BETA real estate companies, portals and service providers can search Manhattan properties by address (Google address format, bounding box/sphere), fetch BIM models from particular addresses and use them for example in property listing pages as floor plans. BIM models are available in three different formats: SVG, OBJ and IFC.

Download example files

During the BETA phase we give free access to data but ask feedback and development ideas as exchange.

There are definitely other use cases than just using them in listing pages. We would like to hear ( about any ideas you might have so that we can further develop our data platform.

During the BETA program there might be service outage due to updates or changes in API specification but we notify all users prior to planned updates.

How many Manhattan apartments there are in the platform?

Right now we have roughly 5000 but with our AI/machine learning technology we will be able to fetch tens if not hundreds of thousands digital indoor spaces to platform by the end of the year 2017.

What’s up next?

The second phase of the BETA enables proptech to make comparables reports and fetch property layout data to their AVMs (Automated Valuation Model). This is work in progress but with our property layout data real estate service providers can leverage their existing home search, comparables and AVMs to totally new level.

CubiCasa property data specification (DRAFT)

How to convert customer own floor plans?

We are converting massive amount of Manhattan properties from raster floor plans to BIM models up front but sometimes customer might have their own source material. And that can be from other city than NYC. For these cases we offer conversion service which makes customer costs to drop into fractions of their current costs. If you are interested please contact us!

Is BETA free of charge or what?

BETA program is free of charge up to 100 model queries per day. Searching models is free of charge. If you have need for more, please contact us!(

Do you offer any apps on top of your property data?

Yes, we actually do. We have developed a tool which enables you to make changes in 2D floor plan design and outlook. You can see product video here.

Moreover, we are developing bunch of other apps which help real estate service providers to utilize the property data extensively.

How to get started?

Get API key by registering to BETA, take a look at our API documentation and start using CubiCasa real estate data platform.