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real estate property data table

CubiCasa property data

Unique and extensive property data points. Know every detail of the property interiors through smartphone video application.

What is CubiCasa property data?

CubiCasa smartphone video application produces video material from every corner of the property. The main output is a floor plan but we do not stop there. The application uses smartphone sensors to collect all the possible information while video clip is recorded. These video clips and sensor data can be processed by AI, thus extract various structured data points and details from the property interiors. This data enables huge amount of business cases, and not only in real estate.

Example property data points from NYC

Who can benefit from CubiCasa property data?

- residential and commercial real estate agents, brokers, portals
- property owners and managers
- real estate data aggregators
- real estate service providers
- AEC industry
- industrial real estate
- insurance services
- manufacturers, hardware stores, furniture brands, home design, ...
- vacation rentals

CubiCasa AI machine learning floor plan

a floor plan


Our strategy is to enable frictionless data input by distributing video application to as many as possible. People are motivated to use the video application because they get a floor plan as a return, and in many cases free of charge.

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