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11 Real Estate Photographers you should know

real estate photographers to follow

What a phenomenal start to 2023. So many new and awesome things are happening in the world of Real Estate photography. None of the things (conferences, meet-ups, and beautiful work that’s happening) would be possible without amazing photographers. Real estate photographers are doing awesome things. I wanted to share with you 11 Real Estate photographers you should know. Some I have met, others I follow on social media, but one thing in common with them all, they are all pretty dope and do great work!


Tony Colangelo – Tony Colangelo Photography

This guy is an amazing photographer, but an even better teacher of the craft. He is super passionate about his work and sharing it with others. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at PFRE and he reinforced what I already knew. If you don’t know, get to know Tony and maybe learn a thing or two.

Lauren Engel – Lauren Engel

Soft-spoken but quite a powerhouse in her own right. Lauren is a real estate and architectural photographer based in LA. Her work is amazing and her list of clients and press is super impressive. Published in the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and GQ to name a few. Do yourself a favor and make sure you follow her.

Mike Burke – Inside Real Estate Photography

The InsideRealEstatePhotography guy. Mike is a photographer, but more so a great educator. He has a ton of resources and videos to help any real estate photographer better their skills. Mike is great at explaining processes and techniques and makes learning easy! He teaches it all, from real estate photography techniques to drone and video work and he does reviews of products like floor plans from CubiCasa. You’ve got to check out his Youtube page and make sure you hit that subscribe button.

Lindsay – ShowcaseHomesPhotography

Lindsay is one of my favorites! I’ve been following her work for a long time and she does amazing real estate photography, video, and drone photography. Her work is super clean and she has some beautiful locations and homes that she photographs in the Michigan area. It’s apparent that she loves what she does and is making an impact in the world of real estate photography. Check out her page and give a follow, you’ll love her virtual staging images.

Melissa Gowen – MJGowen Photography

Melissa is a buddy of mine and a fellow Shutterfester (for those who don’t know, we’re a family of photographers who attend Shutterfest). She is one of the first people I knew in the photography world who was a real estate photographer. She has always been super sweet and is always available to help photographers with questions. And her work is absolutely gorgeous. She is based in Kentucky and is killing the game there.

Dan Williams – Dan Williams Photography

Dan is an awesome dude and photographer that I met as a CubiCasa Certified photographer. He does an amazing job educating his clients on the best techniques and new products to get the job done. I especially like the fact that Dan is more than just a photographer, he is very active in his local real estate organizations and is out there making a difference. He is definitely someone to watch and learn from.

Mario Mineros – Mario Mineros Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Mario at PFRE this past year in Vegas. 2 seconds into the conversation I knew he was a good dude. Super kind-hearted and willing to help others and he’s a rock star real estate photographer. He also rocks floor plans with CubiCasa and working on a few other things coming soon. Mario is from the VA area and truly is a great person. Look him up and give a follow.

Scott Manthey – Image Arts Photography

Scott is the Founder and CEO of this amazing group of real estate photographers in the great state of Washington. He has built an amazing team of 25 real estate professionals that deliver high-quality real estate photography, video, and floor plans to real estate agents in the area. Not only do they do amazing work, but they have over a decade of experience and are truly the go to team in the Puget Sound region. If you are looking for the ideal way to run a team, give them a follow.

Mark Gutierrez – Epic Homes Photography

Mark is another photographer and educator who has a ton of experience as a real estate photographer. He is from the Chicago area and is rocking it in the West Suburbs. Mark also leaves his “mark” (pun intended) by kicking up his apparel. He will show up in a nice vest and definitely step it up in the wardrobe game. His work is stunning and he is also a passionate teacher, sharing his knowledge with others in the world of VHT and beyond. He is the reason I switched to a more portable iPad case to help with my mobility on shoots (we both shoot wirelessly tethered). Mark is fun to talk with and always brings great energy when discussing Real Estate Photography and everything related to it.

Doug – Dallas Real Estate media

Doug is doing some awesome work in the great state of Texas. His photography is great, but I especially love his video work. Super clean and very effective at telling the story of each home he shoots. You should run over to IG and follow his account.

Destin – Leading Shots

Destin is a highly skilled and experienced photographer based in Australia who specializes in capturing stunning images of natural landscapes and urban environments. While he is best known for his landscape photography, he also runs a successful real estate photography business that caters to the needs of property owners, real estate agents, and developers.

Follow now

So what are you waiting for? Go and follow these amazing photographers, get you to learn on, and have some fun. Making new connections is an awesome part of what we get to do and I can’t wait to connect with many more photographers in the coming year. Feel free to drop a few names of your favorite real estate photographers in the comments so I can check them out. Stay safe and keep shooting and scanning your CubiCasa floor plans!

Marc Smith
Author: Marc Smith

I'm Marc Anthony Smith, I am one of the Community Managers here at CubiCasa. I am here to serve the photographer community, providing resources and guidance to help you grow. I am excited to help build and grow this awesome community of real estate photographers. I am also the owner of Images by Marc Anthony, LLC based in NC. I love creating awesome images of real estate properties to help real estate agents sell homes faster.

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