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Star Wars ship “Millennium Falcon” in 3D & VR

Finally, the long waiting new Star Wars: The Force Awakens the real Episode four is here. Everyone is talking about Star wars comeback this week and no exception in our office too. The trailer shows that Han Solo will return and that means one thing. “Millennium Falcon”, Han’s ship will be back too.

We became curious and thought “what if we make a 3D model of Millennium Falcon ?”. So One of us googled around and found some good sources to work with. We chose this source because we really liked their detailed layout and room labels. We finally get the sense of how Millennium Falcon is built.

You can see section #3 and #6 is Chewie’s and Solo’s Cabin. According to the detailed layout image below we can see Chewie’s Cabin and Solo’s Cabin are quite different… We being floor plan professionals, we made a floor plan of Millennium Falcon using the source material and using our latest conversion software, generated 3D model from the floor plan.


CubiCasa’s floor plan of Millenium Falcon

We added some bath and toilet furnitures to Solo’s Cabin (you can see them in the 3D viewer below) but unfortunately didn’t have the right furnitures such as grass, dried hay and soil for Chewie’s Cabin. But Hey ! if you have some 3D models of them, feel free to add it by yourself. You can get our model for free.


Star Wars: Millennium Falcon layout in detail (image above)


-3D Viewer-


We wanted to make a basic 3D model of Millennium Falcon so others can modify them to suit their use, look and feel. Rotate, zoom in and out the model to see the Millennium Falcon in detail. Even better, have a look in VR mode with Google cardboard or other VR glasses you have. Our CubiCasa 3D viewer below lets you walk inside the Millennium Falcon in VR mode as if you are walking inside the ship! Pretty cool, huh?. To see in the VR mode, open the page in your mobile phone and click “VR” button. Then put it on Google cardboard or VR glasses to walk inside Millennium Falcon! Have fun!

To get Millennium Falcon in 3D model (.obj & .mtl) or in 2D floor plan (.svg) Click to download .obj   .mtl   .svg   .ifc

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