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Fix Request

You can submit a Fix Request if you want some changes to your floor plans (please see the list of accepted requests below). You can also use our Quick Edit tool to make some of the changes yourself.

Here’s how you submit your request:

  1. From your web account, select the order you’d like fixed.
  2. Click on the “Fix request” button on the upper right.
  3. Tell us what changes you’d like. We advise you to upload a sketch/draft showing exactly what you want with your explanation or mark up the original floor plan showing the changes. The more information you provide, the better.
  4. Check the “I have provided all necessary corrections to the best of my knowledge and I understand that I have 3 free fix requests in total” box.
  5. Click “Send”.

You can also get to the Fix Request page by using the Actions dropdown from the orders list page.

When your Fix Request has been submitted, the icon next to the order will change to  Your fix request is being processed

Please note: You are entitled to up to 3 free Fix Requests per order.

When your fix is done, you will receive an email and the icon next to the order will change back to  Your order is ready

Submitting a Fix Request

cubicasa web portal fix request

fix request for floor plans

fix request cubicasa floor plans app

Before you submit your Fix Request, here is a list of changes that you can do on Quick Edit yourself:

Here is a list of changes that can be requested via the chat, no need to submit a Fix Request:

  • Change the address of your order
  • Change units
  • Add, change or remove doors, windows, and furniture (if you provide a sketch)

Here is a list of changes that can be requested via the Fix Request:

  • Change room labels.
  • Add, change or remove doors, windows, and furniture
  • Add a space you forgot or was unable to scan, for example, a garage, a room, or a balcony (Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of dimensions for areas that haven’t been scanned)
  • Structural changes, for example, change wall positions
  • Change units
  • Change the address of your order

Unfortunately, there are some changes we are unable to make:

  • Edit room dimensions
  • Rotate or flip the floor plan
  • Combine or merge floor plans from separate scans
  • Split one floor into multiple floors
  • Add a new floor to the floorplan
  • Add the total square footage for scans made with non-LiDAR/ToF devices
  • Add labels for the furniture. You can do this with the Quick Edit tool. This feature is also available through the Exporter API.
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