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FAQ specific about the Gross Living Area – GLA

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  • What is GLA?
    • GLA is defined by The Dictionary of US Real Estate Appraisal as the “Total area of finished, above-grade residential space; calculation by measuring the outside perimeter of the structure and includes only finished, habitable, above-grade living space”.
  • What GLA stands for?
    • Gross Living Area.
  • Will this cost me any extra fee?
    • No, you don’t need to pay anything extra to get the GLA floor plan.
  • What’s the use/purpose of the GLA floor plans?
    • It’s a a solution for appraisals to assist with evaluation of properties.
  • What standard do you follow for the GLA calculation?
    • We follow the ANSI Z765-2021 calculation standard.
  • Are the external walls included?
    • Yes, they are included in the GLA calculation
  • Why is there a difference in the Total Square Footage and the GLA (total) numbers?
    • Because the Total Square Footage (Gross Internal Area) DOES NOT include the external walls, while the GLA DOES include the external walls.
  • What is the difference between red, green, and yellow rooms?
    • Green rooms are included in the GLA calculation.
    • Red rooms are not included.
    • The yellow rooms are finished areas below grade. They are still calculated as excluded from the GLA. The yellow color is just to make it easier to identify them.
  • Is there a way of compiling the GLA items (each floor and the calculation) into one pdf or image?
    • Not at this moment.
  • Why is the whole floor on my floor plan red?
    • It’s because it’s very likely a floor below grade, and there is no finished area.
  • Does this require different software or equipment than I currently use?
    • No, you just need a supported device, and scan the property with the CubiCasa’s App. You will be able to download the GLA floor plan at the same place you download your normal floor plans.
  • Is GLA available for my old orders as well?
    • Yes, you just need to open the order in Quick Edit, save it, wait until you get a pop-up confirming the changes have been saved. Allow a few minutes for replication purposes. You should be able to see the GLA Package in the download page now.
  • Are the stairs included or excluded in the GLA?
    • The area of the stairs themselves are included in the level from which they descend. The area below the stairs (regardless of finish or ceiling height) is included in the level on which they land. Please check this article for more information.
  • Are fireplaces included or excluded in the GLA?
    • Fireplaces are excluded when they are covered at least partially by external walls on 3 sides.
  • Are spaces that are only accessible through excluded or ignored spaces included or excluded?
    • Spaces that can only be accessed through excluded or ignored spaces are also excluded if they were first included by the space type. For example, a bathroom/bedroom which would normally be included is now excluded since it is only accessible through an excluded space.
  • What type of properties can I scan to get the GLA?
    • We would recommend you to use the GLA only for detached and attached single-family houses. We DO NOT advise you to use the GLA for condos, multi-family homes, and apartments, the reason is that the images and calculations will include the external walls.
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