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New GLA Flow

We have updated the way we calculate the GLA in a way that you have full control over what should be included or excluded from the GLA sketch.

This tool can be accessed through the Quick Edit, you just need to click on the label, you will then have the option to select from any of the pre-defined labels, or add your own custom label.

The new GLA calculation logic relies on the space properties instead of just the space name (label).

Each space (label) have the following properties that can be selected from the tool:

GLA Flow

Heated: Area is heated.

Finished: The walls, floors and ceiling are all finished to the same level as the rest of the house, with electricity. If a brick exterior wall is present, or baseboards can be seen (except in renovation) the area would NOT be considered finished.

Enclosed: The area should have no areas open to the outside (except for doors/windows). If there is no ceiling or a wall is missing (to the outside, not the inside of another room), then the area would not be considered enclosed.

Contiguous: The area can be accessed from the primary living area. If you have to leave the main house to go outside, through a garage or porch, or other non-living area, it would not be considered contiguous. This doesn’t apply to basements, where finished vs unfinished is often relayed as a percent of the area that is finished, and is non-GLA.

Permitted: Any area that has been given legal allowance to be built. Generally, most rooms will be permitted. If an area is or is not permitted should generally be identified by an appraiser.

Addition: An area added to a structure that was not part of the original building. These can be complete rooms or extensions to existing rooms.

Conversion: A part or entirety of a room or building that has been converted from unfinished area to finished. Most often occurs with garages, but can also be seen with other rooms, such as enclosed porches.

Note: The space is excluded from the GLA sketch when at least one of these properties is off:

  • Heated
  • Finished
  • Enclosed
  • Contiguous
  • Permitted
  • Space ceiling height is less than 213 cm (7 ft)


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