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Fixed Furniture

To be able to rotate, resize, or delete the fixed furniture you already have on your floor plan you need to click on the icon of the fixed furniture on the first column. Then you can select the furniture (it will be blue) and rotate, resize, or delete it.

Fixed Furniture first column.


You have two ways to rotate it, the same as with rotating labels.

1 – Click on the blue dot farther away, and drag to rotate to the desired angle.

green arrow

rotated furniture

2 – Or, click “.” (period) to rotate 90 degrees clockwise or “,” (comma) to rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise.


To resize it, you just need to select the furniture, hover the mouse over the blue dots until you can see an arrow then click and hold the button of the mouse, and drag it to the correct size.

resized furniture


To delete it, you just need to select the furniture and press the “Backspace” or the “Delete” key.

Add new furniture

To add new furniture, you need to select the fixed furniture icon on the second column, then you will get a selection of all fixed furniture available.

fixed furniture all

You just need to click (and hold) on the furniture you want to add, and drag it to where you want it to be on your floor plan.

Here you can find what each icon means:

Fixed furniture description

cubicasa book a demo

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