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Send for processing

Now that you’re done scanning, it’s time to send your scan to CubiCasa for processing.

Please, make sure your date/time is set to automatic. You can check this on the settings on your phone.

Connect your device to a high speed internet, select the order card from your mobile device and press send.

You should wait until you return to your home or office so that you can use the WiFi network. We would advise you to NOT use your mobile data to send the scan, as it is not stable.

The size of the data being sent increases linearly, depending on the scan length. A one minute scan is approximately 25 megabytes.

You can review your video before you upload it, however, once the scan is uploaded, the video is deleted from your phone.

Here are the steps to upload your scan:

  1. Log in to your account on your phone
  2. Click on “My orders”
  3. Select the scan you would like to send (it will have the label “Not sent”)
  4. Click on “Send”
  5. Select the styling you would like to apply to the order
  6. Please make sure you have selected the correct add-ons
  7. Click on “Next”
  8. Enter/confirm the order details
  9. Click on “Send order”

You will receive a message confirming the order has been uploaded successfully!

* 6-hour target delivery means that we will deliver 99% of the orders within 6 hours.
The 6-hour delivery does not apply if:

The total area exceeds 5 000 sq ft.
The user didn’t follow the best scanning techniques.

If you have any questions, please, contact us via chat or drop an email to

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