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The breakthrough of something out of nothing

Something remarkable happened during the last few days. People everywhere are chasing something that actually isn’t there. While my latest Pokemon experience is about a Gameboy emulator sixteen years ago, I’m definitely interested in the impact of the game. There is only a screen between the eyes and ground, with the screen determining the thought, choices and movement instead of eyes. The screen creates something out of nothing, and that something has persuaded people effectively.

All this definitely has other uses, how nothing can be used to promote something. This post is about the future of real estate marketing and how CubiCasa is working on it: using the nothing and making it something.

Think about a home that hasn’t been built yet. The construction has started, the pre-marketing campaigns are running. You are able to see some digitally engineered photos, even a blueprint. While this is useful information, it isn’t yet an experience. Not that engaging-kind of nothing. How about putting your virtual glasses on and having the full experience?

Now, we have that nothing which is experienced as something. Your potential customers are able to see their new home themselves, helping them to have a look and going towards their buying decisions.

This is just one example how we are able to make that something out of the nothing – some people use technology to play games, we use it to help people making their choices. If you’d like to see something more interactive, see this demo of a furnished 3D home – it is something even with no glasses on.

This post was inspired by Property Detective.

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