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Why traditional floor plans remain necessary even in a virtual era?

3D photographing represents one of the trends long awaited in real estate marketing. An online ad can now include a real look inside the home, independent of time and place. The real change in homebuying is starting to emerge, slowly but steadily. Matterport is one of those companies who are getting the first-mover advantages and setting standards in this new way of real estate marketing.

Of course all possible homes don’t need to be advertised in 3D, traditional photographs are usually enough for small one-room apartments. The advantages of 3D photographing are seen when the number of rooms, surface area, the price tag and the importance of decision grows – your customers deserve the best possible service and information, helping them in their important decisions.

A good quality floor plan is like a tailor-made suit. It expresses dignity and never goes out of style. There is no better way of showing a full description of the home in one picture, than it is with a floor plan. The shapes, the room sizes, the fixed furniture, all at once. Giving the customers chance to see the well-drawn, simple yet solid floor plan is one way of showing that you take care of everything, and keep simple things simple.


We also want to keep things simple, and we are able to give Matterport photographers an easy way to offer CubiCasa floor plans alongside the 3D photographing. All you need is going to with your showcase URL an OBJ file, to get the conversion process started and having the floor plan delivered for your uses.

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