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17 useful apps for real estate professionals

The real estate business requires communicating with clients, accessing important data on the go, and constantly moving to new locations without wasting time. That’s why an agent without his phone is like a photographer without his camera. However, the full potential of your smartphone isn’t reached without a solid set of mobile apps.

We broke down this app selection into several categories to cover every single aspect of a real estate professional’s work. It will hopefully provide you with a complete toolbox!


For realtors to better manage the listings

real estate apps  Zillow

This app is a guarantee for quality. It offers tons of listings to browse through with your clients and useful services you shouldn’t miss out on (Zestimate, Premier Agent, Mortgage by Zillow).

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / free to use (some features are paying)



This app collects 5-star reviews and became the best real estate app on iOS. Realtors can connect with leads fast and find useful data about their area. It allows for a smooth search both for professionals and private individuals.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / starting at $49/month



This app specializes in commercial real estate. It provides hundreds of listings and comprehensive research filters to target the needs of your clients.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / starting at $69,95/month


Champions of productivity for photographers and realtors

Those take care of time-consuming tasks and let you focus on your priorities.

real estate apps CubiCasa 

According to Zillow, floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing. Unfortunately, producing them with traditional floor plan creators can be a hassle. With the CubiCasa app, you only need 5 min to take a video of a property. Then, the floor plan is delivered to you on the next day, with the option of editing it.

Available on iOS (soon on Android)

Free to install / $34,90/scan



This is not an app, but a web service that helps you manage all the apps on your phone. With Zapier, you can connect two or more apps and easily automate repetitive tasks. According to, a realtor can connect with leads 90% faster by using their app, thanks to the total time savings.

Available here

From $0/month to $125/month


real estate apps Evernote

This will be your go-to app whenever you need to take notes. It supports multiple media (text, drawing, photos, web-content) which can be exported, annotated, and searched for keywords. With these organized digital notebooks, you can find important notes back in no time.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / from 0$/month to 14,99$/month


Document organization  

The real estate apps that make paperwork and transaction management easier for you.

real estate apps Dotloop

This one is dedicated to the digitalization of real estate transactions. All your necessary paperwork is centralized in a single app. It allows you and your clients to edit, sign, complete, and share important documents whenever you need to.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / free plan or $29/month plan


real estate apps CamScanner

This document-scanner fits in your pocket. Although it is quick to use, you will get a sharp and clean result in PDF. You will never need to scan the same paper twice.

Available on iOS and Android 

Free to install / from $0/month to $9,99/month


real estate apps Dropbox 

Carry important documents with you at all times with this cloud storage app. Not only can you access them on the go, but they are also safely stored in case you encounter a problem with your device.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / from $0/month to $16,58/month


Real estate data tools for real estate professionals

real estate apps RPR Mobile

Designed by the NAR, this app is available exclusively for real estate professionals. It will provide you with comprehensive data, thorough reports, analytics, and market statistics. Your clients will be delighted by how quick you can answer their questions about a property.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / free to use


CRM tools

CRM apps (Customer Relationship Management) helps realtors to deal with current customers while also converting leads.

real estate apps Contactually 

This CRM is best suited for realtors who already have a large contact base. It helps you to organize and balance your clients and leads, and optimize your contact strategy.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / starting at $69/month


Social media management

A good set of real estate apps isn’t complete without social media to promote your business.

real estate apps

Those apps will let you establish a clear and effective social media strategy without spending too much of your time on it.

real estate apps Later 

With this app, you can schedule your social media posts. They will be organized on a helpful visual planner and you’ll get a notification every time you need to upload. Its affordable price makes it a favorite for many agents. It pairs especially well with Instagram.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / starting at $9/month


real estate apps HootSuite 

The principle of the app is similar to Later, but HootSuite also supports Linkedin and Youtube. It is more complete and therefore a bit more pricey.

Available on iOS and Android 

Free to install / starting at $25/month



This app is an analytic tool that will help you understand the behavior of users that visit your pages. With the help of heatmaps, surveys and session recording, you will be able to improve your online presence.

Available on Android

Free to install / from $0/month to $29/month


Marketing content creation

With these apps, you can design eye-catching content to fuel your social media.


real estate apps Canva

With Canva, designing eye-pleasing content is accessible to anyone. The app gives you access to a large selection of templates (Instagram post, Facebook ads, infographics…), stock photos and graphic elements.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / from $0 to $12,95/month



Videos are real attention grabbers. BombBomb lets you record and edit video messages that can be sent by email, social media or texts. Moreover, the app helps you to manage your emailing campaign. You will notice true results on your conversion rates.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / starting from $468/year


Open house 

With these real estate apps, you will make sure every open house event is a success.

real estate apps Open Home Pro

The app provides you with digital sign-in sheets, customizable questions, and marketing tools that visitors will respond well to. Open Home Pro will get you more contacts from leads than the traditional sign-in sheet.

Available on iOS and Android

Free to install / free to use, optional $25/month premium plan



A few extras to make your smartphone even more useful.

real estate apps




Author: Aarne Huttunen

Aarne is a growth-oriented full-stack developer and marketer, and has 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. He believes that there's still a lot to be done in the world of real estate and the industry changing trends are yet to be emerged.

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