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Volume Discount Benefit

If you reach 20 or more scans (including free scans) during your billing period, you will automatically get 25% on your invoice.

Just when you thought pricing couldn’t get any better, we introduced volume-based discounts. You now have the opportunity each month to lower your cost the more you scan. The best part is that it’s inclusive of free scans! The discounts range from 25-35% depending on the total number of scans completed during your billing period. The discount applies to all add-ons and the extra charge for large properties. Learn about the automatic volume discount in the article highlighting the discount tiers.
So how can you leverage this within your business? We have a few ideas below that can help.


Remind your clients that home buyers want to see a floor plan. In fact, research shows that floor plans are the 2nd most important feature of a real estate listing.

Benefit of our volume discount and add value for your clients on every photo shoot.

Set yourself apart by including a floor plan for every job. Since free scans count toward the volume discount, scanning every property will add value to your photo package at no additional cost to you, and you’ll be getting closer to a discount with every scan.

A photographer showing a camera lens
Photo by Lucas Pezeta


Here’s an example of how a real estate photographer might use the volume discount to their advantage:

A table showing how a real estate photographer might use the volume discount to their advantage
Suggested pricing by Tammy Dwight (Real estate photographer based in Seattle)

You don’t have to do a thing, your monthly volume discount starts when you reach 20 scans during your monthly billing period. The discount will automatically apply to all featured add-ons to your floor plans, including fixed furniture, GLA report, 6-hour delivery, and large property surcharge.


In real estate, not only do appraisers interact with a large number of homes, but the need for a sketch is critical for most products. This puts you in the ideal position to benefit from a volume discount, since you’ll need the floor plan on the majority, if not all, properties you access, with the GLA add-on. As you rack up floor plans, you’ll automatically benefit from the discount once you qualify – this means even less items you have to handle after visiting the property.

Since the GLA add-on is critical for appraisals, likely all of the volume you are completing will benefit from the volume discount, allowing you to scan more properties at a better price.

Not only can you use CubiCasa to scan more complex properties, but it can be a nice tool on smaller, easier to hand sketch homes for a few reasons:

  • Improved speed
  • Lack of exterior home obstacles, such as landscaping
  • Ability to obtain a sketch from the interior during inclement weather
  • Professional, finished look

With the volume discount, it’s cheaper than ever to get a floor plan sketch on properties you might have chosen to hand sketch. If you do other work that requires a sketch, such as completing floor plans for real estate agents, you could also leverage the free option on those properties to help earn the discount on your appraisals.

Real Estate Agents, Brokers and MLSs

As a real estate agent or broker this is a phenomenal opportunity to enhance how you market properties. It also will help as you are marketing to new clients. No matter the price of the home, every listing can benefit from a floor plan. Understanding the flow of a home is critical to the buyer. According to Zillow, floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing leads.

The impact

  • Set yourself apart from the rest by adding floor plans to every listing
  • Lower costs
  • Happy clients

If you are a broker you have the opportunity to benefit from your entire team using CubiCasa and lowering the overall cost. Each user can still have the opportunity to see their own scans but your brokerage will lower its costs and provide a benefit to all listings.

As an independent realtor you can still see significant impact by saving 25% once you reach 20 scans in a given month. There is nothing extra that you have to do. Simply scan and keep on scanning and the savings are yours.

If you reach 20 or more scans (including free scans) during your billing period, you will automatically get 25% on your invoice.

Adding floor plans on every listing will help to drive numbers up and when you have the need to utilize an add on like fixed furniture, 6 hr delivery (in those special rush situations) or GLA your overall costs will be lower. It’s a win for your clients and a win for your bank account.

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