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Community Manager, Tammy Dwight Invites You For a Xmas Holiday Celebration
Speaker(s): Tammy Dwight, Marc Smith
Date: 07/12/2021
Length: 1h

Our community managers prepared a special Xmas live event for CubiCasa users and not only! Contests, prizes, and good vibes - guaranteed. Would you like to attend?

"Sales and Motivation" Webinar with Chris, Ben, and Sam. Q&A with Photographers and RE Professionals
Speaker(s): Ben Heyworth, Chris Mitchell, Sam Poole
Date: 19/10/2021
Length: 1:01:42

Learn from our amazing sales team how to move past objections and the dreaded "NO". Ben Heyworth, Chris Mitchell, and Sam Poole discuss during the webinar real-life learnings based on the book "Go For No. Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There" by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton! Our sales managers presented interesting cases based on “Go for No” book and responded to questions from viewers in real-time! P.S: The bestseller discusses key concepts essential to sales success and focuses on what it takes to outperform 92% of the world's salespeople!

Back to Scanner School. How to improve your scanning style
Back to Scanner School. How to improve your scanning style
Speaker(s): Tammy Dwight, Marc Smith
Date: 28/09/2021
Length: 49:10

It's back-to-school season and we're taking you to scanning school. Learn the why's behind the best practices.

Official Launch of
Official Launch of "CubiCasa Digital GLA". Q&A
Speaker(s): Markus Häikiö; Jordan Yount; Aarne Huttunen; Harri Pesola
Date: 24/08/2021
Length: 42:26

A Q&A live event about our revolutionary GLA software. The online event was hosted by our sales manager, CPO, and CTO. We discussed: 🔹What to expect with CubiCasa Digital GLA 🔹Moving the industry toward a modernized appraisal 🔹Market needs & the benefits of CubiCasa Digital GLA 🔹APIs, mobile SDKs & more info about integrations

CubiCasa LIVE Q&A Event
CubiCasa LIVE Q&A Event
Speaker(s): May Masson, Marc Smith, Tammy Dwight
Date: 22/06/2021
Length: 1:02:13

In this video, our team responds to questions from users regarding the app, Quick Edit, Total Square Footage etc.

"Hack your interactions" webinar with Cassa Hanon as Guest Speaker
Speaker(s): Cassa Hanon, Tammy Dwight, Marc Smith
Date: 13/07/2021
Length: 57:13

We explored with Cassa Hanon topics such as tailoring your communication to match your audience and powerful communication skills. Cassa Hanon is a technology leader focused on team and leadership development. She works with organizations to build cross-functional collaboration. This one-hour webinar is packed with handpicked, high-level communication skills needed for effective collaboration — vital to success in today’s changing business landscape.

Leveraging Floor Plans to Increase Revenue
Leveraging Floor Plans to Increase Revenue
Speaker(s): Sam Poole, Marc Smith, Tammy Dwight
Date: 09/06/2021
Length: 52:43

A webinar that shows the importance of floor plans, market growth, success stories, floorplan facts, and sales tips.

How to grow a photography business from the ground up. Special guest: Mike Burke
How to grow a photography business from the ground up. Special guest: Mike Burke
Speaker(s): Marc Smith, Mike Burke
Date: 04/05/2021
Length: 1:02:19

Community Managers, Tammy Dwight and Marc A. Smith organized with Mike Burke (owner of Burke Multimedia) a Free Webinar on growing a real estate photography business 📸 Our special guest is a photographer, videographer, and designer. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel with 12.3K subscribers and online community “Inside Real Estate Photography” which is dedicated to the field of real estate photography

Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate with CubiCasa
Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate with CubiCasa
Speaker(s): Inside Real Estate Photography
Date: 02/02/2021
Length: 11:02

Floor plans are an auxiliary service that we as real estate photographers can offer to our clients to make some extra money while we are on site taking photos. In this video we look into a fast and efficient way of creating floor plans for real estate using the CubiCasa app.

CubiCasa 2.0 launch event
CubiCasa 2.0 launch event
Speaker(s): Marc Anthony Smith
Date: 28/01/2021
Length: 37:16

Watch this video to unveil the features that make CubiCasa more remarkable than ever, some of which have never been seen before. These include innovations like LiDAR, speech recognition, and many other exceptional updates. Our feature-rich update provides next-generation floor plans, but with the same easy and fast experience.

Earn more with floor plans webinar
Earn more with floor plans webinar
Speaker(s): Sam Poole
Date: 30/10/2020
Length: 1:15:19

The webinar will not only show how you can sell more floor plans and help with your business revenue growth but will highlight key facts such as the benefits of floor plans, success stories of our certified photographers as well as market insights. "By the end of the webinar, I hope that I can shed some light on the growth of floor plan adoption, how it's been done, how you could grow more, and provide more to your clients with CubiCasa. I hope to see you there!"

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Digital GLA is LIVE

We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

The package includes a highly-detailed PNG floor plan file with a special GLA layout that highlights included and excluded areas and total area calculations by floor. P.S: The first scan is free of charge.

Interested in testing CubiCasa Digital GLA? Get in touch today. We’d love to know how our scanning technology compares with your current floor plan sketch and GLA numbers. Connect with our sales team at

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