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What a modern real estate agent should know in 2019

If you are reading this article as a real estate agent, then I must congratulate you, because many didn’t make it this far. One of the most important things to know about your career as a realtor is that “the game has changed.”


Over the years there has been an influx of “newbies” into the already crowded pool of realtors. The industry has also witnessed tremendous advancement especially in the application of information technology by realtors. There is an urgent need to develop a different outlook on your real estate business aside from the conventional approach you are used to already. The environment is continually changing, and so is your business too. You might be a newbie in the game or an old kid in the block, whatever category you belong to; you have to realize that some of the old tactics you were using before need a change in 2019. If you want to differentiate and excel among average real estate agents, then this piece is meant for you.

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There are some facts you need to be aware of – if you want to succeed in this competitive industry. Some of them include:


You don’t have to be a salesperson

Selling is no longer a mandatory skill. There are numerous ways you can present your business to the world without necessarily being tagged as a salesperson. It’s time to remove yourself from that familiar salesperson’s image that most realtors are known for. Instead, focus on being a consultant. You are sure going to achieve better results as an agent in this regard.


Invest in yourself

You cannot claim to know it all when it comes to real estate business, even if you are raking millions of dollars in profits annually. Nowadays, most realtors have discovered a gold mine in investing in themselves. You should consider enrolling for courses and personal coaching so you could understand the intrigues of the business. One thing is for sure; a coach will give you the feeling that you aren’t struggling alone. You will also get to learn some secrets of succeeding as a real estate agent and tackling some challenges that are inevitable.

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Grow with your customers

Sometimes, small shots later turn into bigger shots. So, don’t be disappointed when that transaction fails to yield mega returns. Never turn a buyer or seller away as long as you are going to realize some cash from the deal. In some circumstances, small transactions can open the way for more significant business deals where you can rake a million dollars in profit!

Get a mentor

This is 2019! If you are yet to have a mentor in this business, then it’s time to get one. Mentorship isn’t meant for every real estate agent, but you can achieve your goals quicker if you have one. Sometimes, mentorship can be pricey, as it’s one of the common ways most realtors earn a living other than selling properties. A mentor would serve as a guide to you especially when you face a “downtime” (a period when you record no sales at all) which is common in the business. Aside from these, a good mentor will be willing to share his success secrets with you and help you to walk in his steps so you can achieve your targets faster.

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Focus on social media

Social media is a great tool that you can now use to achieve greater heights in home-selling. Real estate is more of a “people business,” and social media consists of people. This year, you need to see social media as the “oxygen” of your business. Hence, you should be on it as much as possible. If you leverage on the power of social media marketing, you could smile on your way to the bank regularly. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media outlets used by real estate agents globally. But you should also not forget Instagram and Pinterest when you want to show off some of your spectacular listings. When done right, social media can increase your awareness level and get people talking about you and your listings.

Use floor plans

Floor plan is a fantastic marketing tool that can make a listing stand out from other competitor property listings. As a real estate agent you should know that professional pictures from a photoshoot or even video cannot create that balance which buyer is seeking when choosing a property. When assessing a property, the floor plan can be that irreplaceable piece which motivates the buyer to visit the property. Giving the customers the chance to see the well-drawn, simple yet solid floor plan is one way of showing that you take care of everything, and keep simple things simple…

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In a nutshell, leverage digital opportunities, focus on building your career and invest in your intellectual capabilities. Be a real estate agent who knows how to take advantage of new tools and techniques as they come in, and even invent your strategies of succeeding as a realtor.

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