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CubiCasa Floor plan

Clear, informative layout for real-estate, home automation, or even indoor navigation purposes.

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“All the images look TERRIFIC! Thanks SO much to you and your team for such an amazing solution. We’re excited about offering the We Get Around SeeMore™ Virtual Staging and Floor Plan Solutions – powered by CubiCasa to We Get Around clients." Dan Smigrod, Founder, CEO and Chief Photographer, We Get Around, Matterport User Group Forum.

"We started working with CubiCasa just recently but could not be happier with our relationship and the finished products they produce for us. Turn around time is quick and they are always there to assist with any questions we may have about our order.” Adam Elnagdy, Sales and Marketing Manager, HomeVisit.

“CubiCasa has created basic floor plans and the furnished 2D and 3D models for us. We’ve used them in commercial and residential listings. Both we and our customers are very happy with the fast, high quality service.“ Aaron Bosshardt, CPM, Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC, Bosshardt Property Management, LLC.

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