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"HomeVisit has had great success since day one of using CubiCasa floor plans. Especially turn around time and customer support has far exceeded our expectations."

cubicasa app review by Adam, HomeVisit Adam, HomeVisit

"While in most programs you have to scan each room, click at each wall, add doors, windows and openings, etc. I love that CubiCasa does all of that for you in one single scan!"

cubicasa app review by Dan, Dan O'Brien Media Dan, Dan O'Brien Media

"I have not found an app that comes anywhere near CubiCasa. The clear advantage is ease of use and fast accurate results."

cubicasa app review by Sharon, Sharon,

"Increasing our revenue. Since we have added floor plans to our product mix we have experienced a nice bump in revenue. It is super simple to deploy and our photographers have really embraced the app. So glad we have CubiCasa."

cubicasa app review by Stu Laureano, California Image Maker   Stu Laureano, California Image Maker

"An amazing service! As a real estate photographer, I take great pride in delivering quality to my customers. This service outperforms any expectation I had in mind. Even though I am a relatively new user of the service, I find it extremely accurate and easy to use. Their customer service is excellent and delivery time was also beyond expectations. I highly recommend this company."

cubicasa app review by Robert Mellema Photography Robert Mellema Photography

"So easy to use and accurate! I have loved using CubiCasa so far. Even when I feel the floor plan will be really challenging for the software to understand, it still seems to get it right. Watch their training video a couple of times or refresh before a shoot, and boom, you’ll have it down. Thanks for the great service."

cubicasa app review by Michael Hilferty, Hilferty Photo Michael Hilferty, Hilferty Photo

"Excellent service and product! CubiCasa has been a great addition to my real estate photography business. I add them to my CloudPano virtual tours as well as files for including with MLS photos. My customers greatly appreciate it. I accidentally missed a room once in my scan and CubiCasa fixes the issue the same day using my still photos with no charge! Scanning with my phone is easy and the app tells you when you are doing anything wrong. An outstanding product and great service and price."

cubicasa app review by  Dave Horn Unlimited Photography Dave Horn Unlimited Photography

"Time is money! My primary work is providing photographs for real estate agents as an interior photographer. When I’m hired as an Independent Contractor, the work orders often include providing digital floor plans, using a laser tool and iPad. It often took me 2-3 hours because of the app crashing constantly, having to reboot the app and my device and starting over. I soon realized that this was insane and certainly not profitable. I began doing research for a reliable product that would save time. When I realized that the hiring company were unwilling to look at another product that would save time me in the field, I stopped doing floor plans for them. After learning about CubiCasa I had reservations initially. After creating an account I was anxious to give it a try. After trying the product on my personal residence, time came to give it the field test. I convinced a real estate agent if they would allow me to demonstrate CubiCasa, I would only charge them $1. This was my very 1st commercial scan and I was able to scan the 3500 square foot home in under 20 minutes. Under 20 minutes! All done using my iPhone. No laser tool, no iPad, no extra batteries: quick, easy, reliable. Sold. Technology is changing daily. I love that I don’t have to carry around all the extra equipment. The turnaround time for me is usually 24 hours or less. The cost minimal. No app or process is perfect. You need to find the balance in your own workflow that saves time versus money. If you’re on the fence about CubiCasa, give it a try. Your results may differ. I love it. It gives me what I need: a good, quick, inexpensive, simple 2D floor scan. And you pay as you go. No subscriptions! Not to mention the super support staff that have been more than helpful. I’ve gotten support during late hours on the weekend. Enjoy."

cubicasa app review by EJ Howard EJ Howard

"Best Floor Plan App Available! CubiCasa is my preferred Floorplan app and service bar none. Super easy to record the floor plans and turnaround service is consistent. Only pay when you use the service and the results are impeccable."

cubicasa app review by Tim Montoya, Reale Shots Tim Montoya, Reale Shots

"I am a pro real estate photographer and have for years offered floor plans that I put together the old fashioned way. I didn't do it often because it was super tedious and I charged a lot for the time to do it. CubiCasa has pretty much made it trivial to create 95% accurate floor plans like magic. I truly mean magic. I have a software engineering background and this feat is really impressive. These days, I do floor plans on pretty much every property since CubiCasa is so easy and cost effective."

cubicasa app review by John Moery Photography John Moery Photography

"Life changing! No more measuring and drawing by hand! This app has saved me hours and hours of measuring, drawing and labeling. Worth every penny!"

cubicasa app review by Eugenia Lubrano-Gangi, NOLA Real Estate Marketing & Photography Eugenia Lubrano-Gangi, NOLA Real Estate Marketing & Photography

"Best 2D schematic floor plan app! The CubiCasa app amazes me every time I use it. I’ve done some really difficult homes with multiple interconnecting rooms, multiple levels, dark spaces, angled walls, round rooms, outdoor spaces, etc... and the floor plans I get back are always spot on. The app is super forgiving and warns you when you aren’t scanning right and you can scan an entire home in minutes. The support from the team is amazing as well. You can trust CubiCasa to deliver great floor plans."

cubicasa app review by Roger Collins, Home Sold Media, LLC Roger Collins, Home Sold Media, LLC

"I am a Real Estate Photographer and I have always wanted to add floor plans to my services, but at what cost? I tried using other apps, but they were so time consuming that it wasn't worth adding the product to my portfolio. CubiCasa is super simple, and gives back a beautiful product! Turnaround time was quick and my clients were pleased! There is nothing more to be said!"

cubicasa app review by  Christopher Saint Germain, CSGPHOTOS.COM Christopher Saint Germain, CSGPHOTOS.COM

"Impressive! I’m always amazed at CubiCasa’s ability to return a great floor plan to me with what I send them. They are timely, precise and the floor plans are great product to offer my clients. The app is SUPER easy to use and they are quick to reply to any questions I ask!!"

cubicasa app review by Nichol Davis, LOAStudios Nichol Davis, LOAStudios

"Absolutely Amazing! The app is easy to use, has quick results and is better than we could imagine! We are so happy with the every project and continue to be impressed with the accuracy - never had an issues! I would give 10 stars if it let me give more!"

cubicasa app review by Stefanie Coutley. Black Swan Real Estate, LLC Stefanie Coutley. Black Swan Real Estate, LLC

"CubiCasa produces a fantastic product. The customer service is helpful and encouraging. They even added a garage to the floor plan that I was not able to scan, and with 100% accuracy. I measured the room after getting the floor plan back and it was dead on. The support, videos and email from them is very responsive and helpful for me to produce a product for my clients. They also supply sales info so I know how to sell and have the stats to back it up. I don't know how they do it but it works and my clients love it as a sales tool for real estate."

cubicasa app review by John Blausey John Blausey

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Digital GLA is LIVE

We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

The package includes a highly-detailed PNG floor plan file with a special GLA layout that highlights included and excluded areas and total area calculations by floor. P.S: The first scan is free of charge.

Interested in testing CubiCasa Digital GLA? Get in touch today. We’d love to know how our scanning technology compares with your current floor plan sketch and GLA numbers. Connect with our sales team at

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