Inman Connect ’17 recap

Left: Ville Hulkko (business dev), Jarmo Lumpus, (product dev), Harri Pesola (CEO)

What a week in Inman Connect! Our team of three had an amazing conference with new connections, industry knowledge and lots of new ideas. We are confident that our forthcoming set of AI, computer vision and real estate data products will enable a total change in behavior – agents, brokers and end customers.

The conference
First, big hand for the organizers! Having ~4000 participants from all over the world needs Effort, making everything seamless and convenient for everyone. Also the speakers and topics were excellent, being the state-of-the-art everyone was looking for. This wasn’t the first time our folks attended Inman events, always worth traveling no matter the distance.

Major impressions
Some rollouts tell much on the industry future. The AR apps by REALTOR® and new Zillow APIs confirm some of our thoughts: technology-focused companies and providers seek integrations, agents and salespeople need new lead generation tools and attractive showcases. Homebuyers and renters look for more accurate search results and highly targeted information.

Comments on Virtual Flythrough
Last year we unveiled the Virtual Flythrough and ambitious plan to offer all Manhattan residential properties as virtual reality compatible models. Guess the best thing happened was one guy saying wow, excellent or great32 times -yes, we counted- during a four-minute demo. One per eight seconds! Can we also take the silence between as a yes?

There is a reason why it’s taken a while to write this recap: we’ve been busy doing pitches and demos to Manhattan agents and brokers. There is definitely something in the air…

Thanks again everyone, hope to see you soon!

Ville, Jarmo and Harri

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2016 recap and picks for 2017

This has been an amazing year, for both CubiCasa and the whole real estate tech industry. Virtual reality isn’t anymore a buzzword among others, instead a proven case of adding value and engagement in the important decisions of buying and renting. In terms of technology and growth, Matterport has done great work in opening the new field.

Yet, in broader scale technology has one specific “known unknown” feature: many innovations don’t come from the established players, but from those individuals pulling all-nighters in student dorms, garages, coworking spaces etc – then publishing something new and relevant out of the blue.

In 2017, we will continue developing the Virtual Flythrough, now a simple demo but one day our flagship product. What else we have done and learned so far?

CubiCasa started 2016 by experimenting with Airbnb hosts around the world, converting hand-drawn sketches into marketable floor plans. In internal study, our beloved early adopters gave us 86% positive rating on the output and the process. We also noticed one specific hosts’ headache which floor plan will cure – more about this later.

We also experimented CAD floor plans and their relevance to professionals, and a measurement service for Matterport photographers. There is a niche and business potential, as in saving designers’ time and effort in the “boring part”, creating the basic model with walls, doors and windows. Even we have been the early adopters here, but now a bit wiser early adopters, continuing the development later.

The greatest progress started in September, when we launched the NYC On-Demand BETA. We are confident that if we can make it in Manhattan, offering all Manhattan residential properties as Virtual Flythroughs, we can make it everywhere. We also learned the important lesson: real estate is always local, and actual presence is required. Therefore we will establish stronger presence to NYC and London UK, in addition to existing customer base in Silicon Valley area and around US. It’s already a norm that Jarmo Lumpus and other our folks are always on the run.

And boy, haven’t we travelled! Inman Connect, The Next Web, MIPIM London, NYC Real Estate Tech Week, Launch Festival, Slush – just to name a few we have attended. Next year will include much more travelling and conferences than we’ve had so far, and we invite you to join with us to Inman Connect NYC and MIPIM Cannes to name few. Also, one of the greatest rewards was being mentioned among Global PropTech 100 most influential brands.

To sum up some of the actions we will take on 2017:

  • Promoting Virtual Flythrough as the forthcoming flagship product
  • A-round to boost product development and business in selected market areas
  • Continue developing Image Recognition API and other AI & Computer vision solutions unique to real estate. New automation improves the ease of use.
  • Entering UK market with RICS compliant products
  • Unveiling a new offering for real estate portals, in all countries
  • Continuing BETA experiments to test new product/market opportunities
  • Going full speed ahead in NYC with Virtual Flythrough and On-Demand Floor Plan Service

Thank you everyone for an amazing year, wishing a happy and prosperous 2017!

Tuomas Aarni, Sales Manager

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Press release: CubiCasa™ enables Virtual Reality access for all Manhattan Residential Properties in 2017

  • After launching an on-demand floor plan service for real estate agents, CubiCasa seeks to reinvent the real estate listing format
  • All roughly one million Manhattan residential properties are made available as virtual reality compatible 3D models
  • CubiCasa also unveils new Image Recognition API for listings’ visual content analysis
  • A-round starts early 2017

28th November 2016, Oulu, Finland – CubiCasa™ continues improving real estate marketing with large ambition: by the end of 2017, all Manhattan residential apartments are available as virtual reality compatible 3D models. Together with digital floor plan images, they are made available via CubiCasa on-demand platform service. All roughly one million Manhattan units are offered for real estate agents, brokers and service providers for helping buyers and renters to make informed decisions on the world’s most sought-after property market. CubiCasa uses AI powered computer vision solution and other related technologies to achieve the target.

Early showcases have been promising for the new approach. The traditional real estate listing is usually a combination of high quality photographs, written content and a floor plan image. Most popular real estate portals provide different kinds of value models and calculations of area data and pricing history. By adding virtual reality compatible 3D models, the listing offers a better look and feel of the property, with an engaging first impression.

“Manhattan, if any, is a value-driven marketplace. It is also an area with clear geographical boundaries, making it the best place in the world for new innovations. We are happy to notice all the positive feedback of local professionals and proptech investors like MetaProp, with early validation that markets are getting ready for this kind of disruptive service models”, says Mr. Jarmo Lumpus, CubiCasa founder and Head of Product Development.

Lumpus is available for live introductions in NYC between 6th – 13th December.

Image Recognition API: Artificial Intelligence solution for listing visuals and analytics

Another new value driver is a combination of computer vision and AI. CubiCasa’s Image Recognition API is able to classify images based on their characteristics and quality, thus helping real estate listing creators with real-time feedback. For example, the API is able to notify that there is no photos of the dining room, or the living room photo is not the best possible quality.

“The new API is a kind of checklist for those who actually decide what’s included in the listing. All content in the listing should be the best of quality, and appear as such with all devices. For brokers and real estate portals, this offers new possibilities for data analytics and developing better value models”, Lumpus states.

The Image Recognition API is the first of the series CubiCasa is rolling out in 2017. Unlike with most AI providers, the focus is solely on real estate vertical and business specific. This means the forthcoming API collection provides solutions unique to real estate industry, with a totally new set of benefits.

A-round starts in 2017

CubiCasa is raising a 1-2M€ series A investment in early 2017 to accelerate growth. “We seek to strengthen our networks, US sales team and technological capabilities”, says Mr. Harri Pesola, CubiCasa Founder and CEO. “Currently there is no global model for proptech, nor best practices. There is a huge opportunity in the real estate market to build something big and sustainable.”   

Pesola and other CubiCasa people are available in Slush, Helsinki in 30th Nov – 1st Dec.

Contact information

Jarmo Lumpus, Founder, Head of Product Development:, +1 929 2104220
Harri Pesola, Founder, CEO:, +1 650 278 1556
Link to demo:

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Press Release: CubiCasa Unveils Real Estate Property Content Platform for On-Demand Pro-Quality Floorplans

Available in October 2016 for Real Estate Agents in Select Manhattan Districts; Available in Major U.S. Cities by 2017

September 29th – Oulu, Finland – CubiCasa™ ­– a pioneering startup in providing on-demand digital floorplans for real estate professionals – today announced Property Content Platform, providing digital floor plans as a service. The CubiCasa Property Content Platform provides pro-quality digital floor plans with on-demand access and a subscription-based model, and is currently offering a free BETA program at

There are thousands of legacy companies that provide floor plans and visualizations, but most only provide individual projects and transactions for each of their customers as separate bids. CubiCasa differentiates by providing a day-to-day scaling platform that reuses existing content and makes it accessible for the whole property lifecycle.

From a technical perspective, each floor plan is based on a combination of geometric, semantic and location-based datasets. CubiCasa is strict in privacy issues and makes it clear that only certain types of data are being used – no one’s personal information is used and won’t be asked.

“Trust is the most important component of real estate transactions, especially for those who plan on buying or renting in expensive locations. We want to offer high-quality visuals that help people in their decisions, and in creating trust between all parties. We are excited to unveil the Platform in New York City, the global hub of real estate,”, said Jarmo Lumpus, CubiCasa founder and Head of Product Development.

After careful market research, CubiCasa has chosen the Chelsea, Greenwich Village and West Village districts of Manhattan for its initial launch in zip codes 10001, 10003, 10011, 10012, and 10014. Starting in October, CubiCasa will add new districts and expand the area of coverage.

CubiCasa has proven its business model, with an impressive count of more than 66,000 deliveries into 45 countries altogether since its founding in 2014. The US indoor spaces visualization market is estimated at tens of millions of dollars a month, including both sales and rental apartments. CubiCasa sees this as a huge opportunity, enabling the reuse of existing content multiple times with extensive features for branding and design.

“Each apartment and property is sold or rented many times throughout their life cycle. Each transaction requires high quality marketing materials. This also enables property managers and developers a new toolset for asset management. Besides scaling the platforms’ geographical coverage, we also add new features and use cases continuously. One day we are able to offer 3D models, virtual reality, CAD and design compatible formats, making our Platform the best possible source archive for real estate professionals. As a trailblazer of real estate technology, CubiCasa uses AI and computer vision to model all indoor spaces in the world”, Lumpus added.

About CubiCasa:
CubiCasa oy is a real estate technology startup, founded in 2014 by Jarmo Lumpus and Harri Pesola (CEO). The company is located in Oulu, Finland, 125 miles below the Arctic Circle. Started as a small virtual staging studio, CubiCasa has a vision of establishing a global real estate platform, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and volume deliveries capability. The company is diverse in expertise, from architecture to software development and public sector co-operation, backed by a global network of real estate and software professionals.

Contact information:
Jarmo Lumpus, founder, Head of Product Development:, +1 929 2104220
Harri Pesola, founder, CEO:, +1 650 2836012

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The breakthrough of something out of nothing

Something remarkable happened during the last few days. People everywhere are chasing something that actually isn’t there. While my latest Pokemon experience is about a Gameboy emulator sixteen years ago, I’m definitely interested in the impact of the game. There is only a screen between the eyes and ground, with the screen determining the thought, choices and movement instead of eyes. The screen creates something out of nothing, and that something has persuaded people effectively.

All this definitely has other uses, how nothing can be used to promote something. This post is about the future of real estate marketing and how CubiCasa is working on it: using the nothing and making it something. Continue…

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Meet & Greet CubiCasa at TNW Conference Europe!

CubiCasa is attending in TNW Conference Europe this week, arriving in Amsterdam on Wednesday 25th and leaving on Sunday 29th. We are delighted to introduce you our big idea…


…and looking forward hearing your opinion.

Contact the CubiCasa attendees via TNW Conference mobile app or as follows:

Jarmo Lumpus, Founder and Head of Product Development;, +358 40 769 5658
Tuomas Aarni, Sales Manager;, +358 40 7122 150

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CubiCasa announces CAD Floor Plans and 3D Models as a Service

Update: The campaign has ended, thank you all who participated!


CubiCasa is developing a dedicated service for delivering CAD Floor Plans and 3D Models, expanding the service offering into professional development and design for various uses. The new service delivers outputs in DWG, IFC and OBJ file formats. The main advantage is similar to existing “Floor Plans as a Service” point of view, saving working hours and offering a better template that could be edited and developed onwards. Continue…

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How to make Real Estate search more meaningful?

“Digitalization = buyers take power over sellers” is one of my favourite quotes nowadays. Buyers always have another option, the sellers compete on buyers. Yet this is one of the best times to be in sales and marketing, since the competition is not about average products for average people. There is a clear connection between meaning, feeling and importance, being practically our main driving forces. Continue…

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Interview: CubiCasa founder, Head of Product Development Jarmo Lumpus on CubiCasa and international business studies

(English translation below)



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CubiCasa announces Floor Plan App to improve Airbnb & Vacation Rental listings, helping in getting better guest ratings and more bookings

  • A short experiment among Airbnb hosts indicates that floor plan improves the listings’ accuracy, helping in getting more bookings and better reviews (blog, infographics)
  • Hosts seem to misunderstand their competition: not between stays, but between the places of stays
  • Photographs and floor plan tell different stories: The photographs describe the apartments’ state and interior, the floor plan describe the apartment itself in one picture only
  • Targeting Airbnb hosts at first, offering a “closed beta” for the most innovative hosts, the app is open for everyone after public launch in late May. The enrollment is open at


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