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How to draw floor plans ?

We came up with an easy to follow infographic on how to make you own floor plans. Sounds complicated already ? Do not worry ! Just grab a pen, paper and tape measure and let’s get started.

how to draw floor plans


Floor plans are great tools for getting all the information you need on the structure of the house, apartment or buildings.

The usage of floor plans varies depending on your project. It could be used for the renovation project you have been thinking about for the last few weeks but have not had any time to start off or putting a listing to sell your house.

Especially in the housing market, more and more home buyers use house listing websites to look for their new home. It is almost like shopping online. Buyers want to use their smartphones or laptops to quickly browse all the available products without setting a foot outside of their home.

So naturally there is a growing demand to provide as many information as possible to attract buyers. Not any kind of information but presentable ones that could win the buyer’s heart.

Remember the time you were looking for a new home and thinking How big is the living room compared to the kitchen?  How far is the toilet from the bedroom?  How will my furnitures fit in the new house?  A quick google search will show you many new apps and softwares for drawing the floor plans these days. We found and tested one amazing app called Magic Plan. You can sense the growing trend to get floor plans without hiring expensive architect.

Whatever your purpose is, one thing for sure, you need floor plans of your own house or apartment but they are not readily available for you.  So go ahead and give it a try. Once you have done it, take a picture and send it to us for digitalized floor plans. We will take care of the presentation and the rest. 

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