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Interview: CubiCasa founder, Head of Product Development Jarmo Lumpus on CubiCasa and international business studies

(English translation below)


Original article published in Finnish Chamber of Commerce’s Magazine*, April 2016. The interview is about both CubiCasa and Jarmo’s (on the right) attendance in Specialist Qualification on Foreign Trade degree program**. CubiCasa is not the only potential Oulu-based startup, the city being often cited as the Silicon Valley of the Arctic Circle.

“CubiCasa has delivered over 45 000 floor plans for real estate agents and brokers in 30 countries altogether. We’ve been present in the US for one year, having a quarter of our current revenue there. We are headed for strong growth especially in the US, and globally among Airbnb hosts. At the moment we seek funding for new recruitments in product development and gaining access into new markets.”

Jarmo gained his international business experience in his previous jobs. In the degree program, he recognizes how theoretical elements could be applied in CubiCasa’s current situation.

“We aim high. During 2017, we’ll take over US market and launch new services for new business areas. I attended the degree program for learning new skills and tools for implementing strategy, and getting onwards in a more systematic and consistent manner on global markets.”

The degree program is built on one’s analysis of international markets, group coaching and guided assistance on planning and implementation.

“We had our QUUM analysis done in 2013. Now it is interesting to see how we have advanced since those days. Our coaches are real experts on their areas of business, their guidance has been really helpful. At the moment I’m in San Francisco, doing sales and looking for partnerships, taking advantage of these new learnings.”

We wish Jarmo and CubiCasa best for their journey! The attitude, both brave and humble is a great example on doing business from even the Earth’s most remote corners.

“I recommend the degree program for companies, who are familiar with challenges of going global, willing to find tips and strategies for growth and new partnerships.”

Picture by Juha Sarkkinen, translated by Tuomas Aarni, CubiCasa Sales Manager.

* Kauppakamarilehti
** Toimitusjohtajakoulu; ulkomaankaupan erikoisammattitutkinto

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