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How 3D Walkthroughs and Floor Plans can Help You Sell A House Much Faster

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We live in a visually stimulating digital age. Businesses are using Instagram to market their products, people are finding their partners by swiping on faces, and you can now take a walk in the woods without ever having to leave your house. So why not capitalize on some of this innovation and technology to help sell houses? Here are 5 reasons why 3D walkthroughs and floor plans can help you sell a house much faster.

How 3D Video Renders can Help Real Estate Agent Sell A House Much Faster

1. You can reach more buyers. 3D video renders/virtual tours and floor plans allow you to reach distance buyers. If you have a client who is relocating or an investor from another region, having a 3D visualization gives these buyers the opportunity to preview the property before investing the time and money to travel to view the property. This will save both you and the buyer time, and potential frustration and disappointment if the property doesn’t turn out to be what they were expecting. 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video and 403% more inquiries are driven from listings with video (source: NAR Realtor).

2. It gives buyers the opportunity to visualize and plan life in their new home. A buyer may want to imagine how their furniture will fit, what it will be like to wake up and have a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, or even where the Christmas tree will go. A 3D walkthrough and 2D floor plan give buyers the opportunity to settle into the idea of a new home and explore the space practically, in their own time.

3. It eliminates distractions. Open houses are great for market exposure, but it can become crowded which could prevent a buyer from truly imagining what the property would be like if they made it “theirs.” Offering a 3D virtual tour gives a potential buyer the opportunity to explore the space and to revisit the features they found most appealing, without distraction, all from the comfort of their own home.

4. Peer reviews are your friend. Some people just really need the opinions of their friends and family before making a purchase. With a 3D video render potential buyers can share the property with anyone and everyone they want, getting the support they need before diving into such a big decision. For a first-time or nervous buyer, this might be just what they need to confidently make an offer.

5. It will save you time. Some clients need to revisit a property multiple times before they can make a decision. With a 3D virtual tour, this buyer may still want to revisit, but perhaps only once or twice to make a final decision, having already revisited multiple times through the virtual tour. This will save you hours of time both showing and traveling to and from the property.


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How Floor Plans can Help a Listing Agent Sell the Property Quicker


  1. Remembering the layout of the property. Thanks to floor plans, buyers can understand the property flow, the location of the rooms, amenities, and other important property elements. Creating valuable assets such as floor plans to market the property is possible with 2D floor plan apps.
  2. Differentiates a specific house from other property listings. Normally, before visiting the place, agents show the property photos to their clients. However, photos do not necessarily highlight the exact settlements of the houses. Even though the quality of the photos is high, it still cannot represent the layout of the building. Not understanding the distribution of the rooms in an apartment, being not able to see the exact room layout is always leaving question marks in the clients’ mind.
  3. Rich visualization of property details. Floor plans and detailed property info are the key content items needed to properly market a home and satisfy the needs of Today’s Buyer. To make sure there won’t be any errors by sketching the apartment’s floor plans manually, try the new room scanning technology for iOS and Android. Floor plan apps are great options for real estate professionals that are determined to give a rich visualization of full of property details and layout to their customers.
  4. Allows clients to imagine & plan how the spaces will be used based on the distribution of the rooms. In this way, real estate agents can be an important “partner” who helps the future homeowner to choose the house that fits all needs. Customer satisfaction will lead to more referrals in future.
  5. Using 2D floor plan apps before real visits are also decreasing the risk of withdrawals after visiting the house. It helps real estate agents to arrange meetings with only prospective clients.

Some interesting stats in favor of floor plans

  • 1 in 10 buyers said that they would never arrange to view a property if they had not seen a floor plan first, with many more indicating that they would be less likely to view (source:
  • When asked about what they consider when hiring a real estate agent an astounding 42% revealed they would not hire a professional that didn’t offer a floor plan (source:
  • 1 in 5 possible buyers would ignore a listing that does not contain a floor plan (source:
  • Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% (source:

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Floor Plan and Real Estate Photography by John Beatty (Owner of Open.Tours)


Want to learn more? Here are more insightful real estate and floor plan facts that you would want to read.

How a Floor Plan app operates

2D floor plan apps have customized scanning methods that use the camera of the mobile phone, in other words, no one has to spend hours to sketch and measure the dimensions. The process of capturing takes a short time (around 5-10 minutes) and works for all types of properties (single unit residentials, townhouses, apartments, others).  The best part? You can create unlimited number of 2D floor plans with this mobile app if you are located in the US. You would only pay if you wanted to include a video walkthrough, 3D floor plans or other add-ons (fixed furniture, GLA, 6h SLA).

With more than 90% of home buyers searching online for properties, floor plans and virtual tours rank highest as the ‘very useful’ features, according to a National Association of REALTORS® survey.

In conclusion, 3D virtual tours and floor plans are a great feature to add to your listing. They will save you time, help your buyers make decisions, and ultimately, allow you to sell a house faster! Try CubiCasa today:

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